Monday, October 10, 2011

Beach Blowout, Crafts and an Old Dog's Birthday

This weekend was blustery to say the least!  It was basically an undiagnosed tropical storm. Lots of wind, tons of rain and a mostly indoors weekend.

So, Saturday we ventured out to the movies and saw The Lion King in 3D.  Rather, Husband and I watched it in 3D.  Lallie refused to wear the glasses and I wonder how she didn't end up with a headache!
That night, we had a couple of friends over, sans children, for a relaxing and informal dinner (aka ordered out pizza) and game night!  We played a couple rounds of Trivial which I won't discuss further.  Next time, we'll concentrate on Scrabble  :-)

Between the movie and game night, we were up in my crafting room.  Lallie played with her dollhouse, colored and helped me sew and I made two dresses, a skirt and a shirt.  I haven't embroidered the name on the shirt yet.
Just curious though.  Have I told you how much I LOVE my new sewing machine?

If you like this skirt pattern, let me know.  I'm selling them for $25.00 shipped, custom sized and fabrics.  Just email me at to discuss.  Yes....I'm trying to build back up my inventory to reopen my etsy shop!

Saturday was also U.K.'s 13th birthday.  He's an old, old dog but still as sprite as can be.  That's 91 in dog years if you didn't know.  Yes, that's old.

Sunday, we took "Barbie" out for a ride (that's Lallie's nickname for our 140,000 mile massive Suburban for boat towing, dog hauiling and mulch transporting). 

We ventured out to the beach to watch the 11 foot waves and they were impressive!  Near one particular area of the island, the waves hit some rocks and sprayed up over a house!  I became soaked at one point (helping to contribute to my beach blown hairdo).  Husband wouldn't put Lallie down as the sand would just pelt her poor little legs and it stings!  

The picture doesn't do the waves justice, they were huge and anyone would be nuts to be out there!  Even the hard-core surfers stayed indoors.

Here's a natural beach blowout hairdo in the making.  As you can see, I just love the pink sparkly $9.99 CVS glasses Lallie bought for me a while back.

See, Lallie loves the pink sunglasses!

And the completion of a natural beach blowout.  Is this how they do it in California?  (No worries fashionistas, I had a Lilly white cardi with me as to not show the bra strap all over town!  No siree, not me!  However, I had to take it off at the beach for fear it would become a parachute and hoist me away with the winds!)

I'll leave you with a video of the winds.  I'm not kidding, it was windy and these were sustained, so it was this heavy all weekend long.

Happy Monday Y'all!



  1. Yes, please open back up your Etsy shop!!! I would love that little outfit for my girls. That is adorable!!!!!!!

  2. what kind of sewing machine do you have? that outfit is precious!

  3. oh how i love my embroidery/sewing machine! it's quite addictive going through all those applique websites and if you hit em right you can get the downloads for like .49 sometimes and a lot of sites have free ones too :) your little one for sure will be stylin'!

  4. Sure it was windy but a windy day at the beach is better than NO day at the beach in my book :)

  5. That outfit is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!


  6. That is adorable! I didn't mean to see it, but I saw the email where Bryan has ordered a sewing machine and serger for my birthday next month! I know some gals would not be the least bit excited, but I can hardly wait!

  7. Looks like a wonderful weekend The Christmas outfit is adorable.