Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Style Blueprint on White

For a blogger so interested in fashion, I'm probably behind the times, but I recently discovered through my Body Back trainer the website, Style Blueprint.

I am in LOVE with this website and have been perusing it in my free time when able, catching up on all the latest and greatest from some of my favorite southern cities.   Maybe that's why I've missed out?  Because Florida isn't yet on their radar.

The site features just about everything from food to fashion, glitz and glamour, health and's completely well rounded.

So.....I was shopping yesterday .....
(long story and yes, I was technically working but even my boss knows why I was shopping comments from the peanut gallery).

Anyways, I ran into the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Outlet to return some shorts that just didn't fit Husband correctly when to what before my wandering eye did appear?

A $9.99 sale rack!  Shoparoonee!

And exactly what did I find on said sale rack?  White jeans.  I have white cotton capris, white capri jeans, white capri cuffed jeans, white leggings....I have everything white in my wardrobe except traditional long, non-boot cut, just plain old normal white jeans.  So I snatched them up (with my budget money dear).

And then I started thinking back to that age old controversy about wearing white after Labor Day.  Darn it, even in South Florida 90 degree October, I just can't bring myself to wear white below the waist (I was able to squeeze it in late HERE September but that was my absolute cutoff).

But I have these pretty new gorgeous white jeans!  Do I really have to wait for 7 months before
wearing them? 

Not according to Style Blueprint!

They did an article on wearing white after Labor Day HERE.  They highlighted the Fall 2011 Paris Fashion show where whites were in great abounds both on and off the runway.

They then took some everyday fashions (for normal non-model people with busty hips and mommy bellies a/k/a ME) and put together some adorable outfits surrounding below-the-waist-whites.
Style Blueprint also interviewed several boutique shop owners about their below-the-waist winter white wardrobes HEREAnd of course, these shop owners pull from my favorites....Lilly Pulitzer,
J. McLaughlin, Kate Spade.

Check out these articles.  And I guarantee you'll be seeing me this winter wearing white jeans and I won't be the least bit ashamed. 
(However, I will be leaving the Lilly Pulitzer Hotty Pink halter top safely tucked away until next May!)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Ok, this site is new news to me, but I am going to have to go check it out! Sounds like someone had a fantastic idea.

  2. I've never heard of this site either! I'm going to have to go check it out right now!

    P.S. Thanks for your sweet welcome back comment! I've missed reading your blog!

  3. Now I'm no fashion expert or advisor by any stretch of the imagination, but I say a pair of white jeans are okay up to about November. You might be pushing it a little after that, even for the warm temps in FL.

  4. I just got a groupon-like deal for Bar Method classes through Style Blueprint today!! I love that site.

  5. The Polo Ralph Lauren outlet does have some amazing deals!! I have a pair of navy blue chinos that I adore. I think it was off a 9.99 sale rack!

    Also about white after Labor all has to do with the fabric. If it is a heavy fabric like jeans, wool, can work for winter. However if it is white linen, light cotton, or something like is for summer.

  6. For that price I could handle waiting to wear them.

  7. i am sooo excited after reading this post! i have the most amazing pair of white Lilly jeans that i keep holding on to even though all my other summer clothes have been moved out of the closet. Seeing so many examples what just what i needed to put them on with confidence! :-)