Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yoga and Apple Pies

My second eight week session of Body Back is winding to a close and for the last week, Lisa usually finds something fun and different to do. 

Last session, it was paddleboarding.

This session was yoga.

I am not new to yoga.  I practiced yoga off and on for about two years after Lallie was born, but it's been at least 2 years since I've been to a class.  And, I've never done yoga like this.

Well, by "this" I mean, in a park, next to the water on a cool (south Florida cool) and breezy day.  We did a lot of yoga while on our backs and of course, the last part of the class is the mediation and corpse pose.

This is what I saw.

Pure relaxation.

Now....after the class, my body said "I want to stay relaxed, please don't go home to the rustle and bustle of a four year old."  But obviously I did go home and was in a GREAT mood!  My mind was rested, my body was stretched and my upper back no longer hurt from sitting in the office all day.

Further, how could I not be in a GREAT mood when I walked in the door to this?

Yep, Husband made a homemade apple pie (bye bye everything I've burned off these 8 weeks).

BUT, it was SO worth it!  Yummy!

The statistics session is on Thursday, so we'll see if I've continued to improve in strength.  My next 8 week session starts October 13th and will actually be closer to home, which will be easier on me and the family, time-wise (it took 30 minutes each way to get to my last class, now it'll be close to 5-10 minutes each way).

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and don't forget to enter the Mixed Bag Designs giveaway I posted about on Friday!  It ends this coming Friday!

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 


  1. That is awesome about the yoga! And the pie looks yummy...

  2. A pie-baking husband? Lucky gal!!!

  3. What a perfect place for yoga. Very relaxing, indeed.

    Apple pie, YUM!

  4. Yoga and apple pie...Hmmm. Those two words in the same sentence don't seem to fit do they?
    Speaking of pie, guess what I'm making today? Derby Pie (recipe compliments of SLPS). I'm not using Makers Mark though. Those Mormons who want to remain in good standing with the church just don't go around buying bourbon, even if it is for cooking. Besides, I would have to drive out of town to buy it because with my luck, I would get caught red handed buying the stuff by someone I go to church with. I swear it's happened and I'm a firm believer in superstition. Maybe if I go to a liquor store and buy it...'cause if I ran into someone from church there, we would both have something to hide. The pie is for a church function anyway, so best to leave the bourbon out this time around.

  5. I think yoga and pie go together perfectly. It's all about balance, right? :) Plus, when you live in a warm climate, baking is the best way to celebrate the change of seasons...

  6. Yummy. My soon to be mother in law had apple pie for dessert at Sunday night dinner this week. I pass on dessert EVERY week but not this week! And when I warmed mine up before putting the whip cream on, I started a trend :-)

  7. love paddleboarding, wish I lived near the ocean. lucky you- a husband who bakes apple pie!