Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time is Marchin' Across my Under Eyes - HELP!

"Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it's marchin' across your face."
Truvy - Steel Magnolias

And marchin' it is!  Across my particular face!  Ick!

The past couple of weeks, I've noticed these lovely little age spots and discolorations under my eyes.

I've written multiple posts in the past about my makeup and skincare regime and I have to admit that I'm not always as ontop of it as I should be.  I need to be better and more consistent.

But I've always been consistent with my makeup.  I don't change products much because I like what works and I generally don't wear much makeup.
  • Mineral Powder
  • Blush
  • Powder (general use)
  • Mascara
And that's it folks!  I don't wear eye makeup and I use the green tinted concealer if I have a break out, but other than that, I'm au naturale (well, as much as one can be).

But with the recent development of these age spots, I need something different.  A time turn-around cream maybe?  A concealer or coverup for underneath the eyes.  Not only are there age spots but that icky blue-tinted discoloration as well.
But I don't want to look made up nor do I like the feel of makeup.  When I have too much on, I feel uncomfortable and yes....I must say it....I feel dirty.  Too much makeup makes me feel
like my skin can't breathe.

So my questions to you is.....

What do you use for your under eyes.  Creams?  Makeup?  And how do you apply?

I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. I don't use anything under my eyes and I should. I've heard great things about Obagi Skin Care. It's available from your dermatologist.

  2. I don't know but I LOVE Dolly Parton. She makes me smile :-)

    Rock On!

  3. I use Clinique concealer under my eyes, but it's not as effective as I would like. If anyone has suggestions to cover up the darker circles around the eyes, would love to hear it. (Love Dolly, by the way. :)

  4. I'll tell you what you do in this case. When you turn 50, I'm a lot closer to it than you are, you go and get yourself an eye lift.
    I decided that when I turn 50, I was going to have a little lift in the eye area. If I had the money, I'd have a lot more than that done, but since I don't, the eyes have it.
    I don't use a darn thing under or anywhere near my eyes because I have HORRIBLE eye allergies. I have my eye lashes tinted because I can't use any type of make up (eye liner, mascara, shadow) or any kind of moisturizer near my eyes or on my face. Extreme skin sensitivity seems to be my lot in life.
    If I could find something over the counter or otherwise that work work on my skin, I would use it.

  5. I just hopped over to catch up on your blog and cannot believe how big L is looking these days! She is darling and I love all the frocks you are making; so precious!!

    As far as undereye make-up goes, I JUST purchased the new Maybelline Anti Aging Magic Earaser and am OBSESSED. It works wonders and it is a real steal at $10!

  6. One might call me a self proclaimed "expert" in this area...I think you look beautiful but my rule is - if it's bothering you, then do something about it! :-)
    That being said, I recommend "All About Eyes" by Clinique as an eye cream. I use this morning and night, under my moisturizer. I've been using it for years, and even though I spend a lot of time in the sun, my eyes don't look as old as a lot of women my age (41). It's relatively inexpensive and the large size will last for several months!
    Concealer - check out "Erase Paste" by Benefit. The product comes in three colors - light, medium and dark so it's easy to match to your skin tone. Put a teensy bit on a Q-tip and dot under your eyes and blend in before you put on the mineral foundation/powder. This is also effective if you have any redness, bumps, etc. You can purchase Benefit at Ulta, Sephora, etc.
    Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you end up trying!
    For all my "bad habits" (and I have a lot of them!) - I've always taken good care of my skin. The older I get, the more I appreciate my regime...XOXO

  7. I've met some older ladies who swear by cold cream, and they look amazing. I try out all sorts of wrinkle creams, but I wonder if they're either safe, effective, or even worthwhile. I like Loreal's purple tube under eye cream.

  8. I am an under eye circle concealer-oholic! I have such bad sinuses I have had under eye circles for a long time and have tried everything! My two favorites for makeup are Boi-ing by benefit and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. Both great, and recently I also have added the Maybelline Anti Aging Magic Eraser to my favorites list and it was only $4.50 at Walgreens!! Creams I use Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye, Love it!

    and here is how I found out how to cover the circles up perfectly...

    Cant wait for Saturday!! :)