Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fairy Rapunzel

Lallie received this Rapunzel wig as a Christmas gift last year. She's only recently become interested in it however, it ended up extremely tangled (huh.... Tangled... Who knew?)

This evening is our church's Trunk or Treat. So, to ensure that Lallie doesn't look like Strung-Out Princess Fairy Rapunzel (yes, she insists on wearing her fairy wings), Rapunzel received a haircut.

Here is the after picture (she's throwing away her cutting work, thus the trash can.). I don't have a before picture, but if you can imagine a big matted ball on the top her head, that would be accurate!


  1. This just made me laugh out loud!!

  2. Holy heck, what a cute little angel!

  3. Actually, I should have said "what a cute little fairy Rapunzel!"

  4. Oh don't you just love it when they clean up after themselves? She's adorable in that costume !