Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Hook, Ladder, Rope and Balloon

We knew our child from the get-go was a little engineer. I remember the day she started crawling. It was Easter weekend 2008 and we were getting ready to head out  to the sandbar on our boat.  Lallie was hanging out in my room in her little green and red outfit, crawling around the floor for the first time. She crawled over to her bouncy chair and started examining the bolts. Husband and I watched as she looked at the bolt from one side and then from the other side, figuring out how the thing was put together. And that's when we knew.... we have yet another engineer in the family.

So the other night, Daddy and Lallie are having a conversation about Jesus and this is what she had to say ....from an engineering standpoint.

Lallie:   Where does Jesus live?
Daddy:   In heaven.

Lallie:   That’s way up high?
Daddy:   Way, way up high?

Lallie:   Above the clouds?
Daddy:   Yes.

Lallie:   How does he get down?
Daddy:   He doesn’t come down?

Lallie:   He has to come down!? Sometimes.
Daddy:   Not often.

Lallie:   When he comes down, I think he comes down in a balloon.
Daddy:   I don’t know.

Lallie:   A balloon with a hook.
Daddy:   What?

Lallie:   A hook and a rope.
Daddy:   Why a rope?

Lallie: For the hook to hold onto.
Daddy: I don’t understand.

Lallie:   So he can hook a tree for the balloon to hold oooonn (long drawn “on”).
Daddy:   Oh. Maybe?

Lallie:   And a ladder to get back in the balloon when he wants to go home.
Daddy:   I love you Lallie.

A little engineer for Christ.
Happy Wednesday Y'all


  1. Oh my gosh she is so precious!! That little outfit is to die for!!

  2. cute! And Lallie looks exactly the same as when she was a baby.

  3. I really believe that a child's perspective is the most honest a person can ask for out of anyone! This is a beautiful dialogue!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. That is so sweet! It's amazing to see their little minds work, and even more amazing how Christ is so central in her heart.

  5. So sweet! W gave me a hug and kiss out of the blue the other day and told me, "we give hugs and kisses to be like Jesus."