Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lilly Inspired Stella & Dot Trunk Show (and Vintage Lilly too!)

Last night, I hosted a Lilly Pulitzer inspired Stella and Dot trunk show at my home!  A friend of mine recently became a Stella Stylist and when she mentioned having a Lilly themed party, I jumped at the opportunity!  I decorated the house up in pink and green with appetizers and drinks named after Lilly prints and most everyone who came to the party wore Lilly fashions.   

One of my other good friends, who owns a high end vintage shop in my city, brought all her vintage Lilly clothing to the trunk show.  We had a great time trying on and showing off some of the styles. 

My particular favorites are from the 60s and 70s.  Paired with some Stella and Dot Chantilly Lace earrings and bracelet, this dress is complete!  The fabric flowed wonderfully and is a fabric that you don't see or feel anymore....very well made. Isn't this gorgeous! 

These are my friends, Lindsey and Loren.  Loren (in the pink) owns the vintage shop and specializes in Chanel, Pucci and Lilly among other designer brands.

We had so much fun trying on all the jewelry with our Lilly fashions.  One of my favorites is the necklace in the very front with the turquoise, the Bamboleo Necklace.  Paired with the Ciara Tunic in Shorely Blue Bellina, it looks like it's meant to be part of the tunic!  A little extra flair for a night out on the town.

All the appetizers were named after current Lilly prints.

My good friend, Candi, over at Keene in the Kitchen made these amazing cake pops!!  The pink ones were Key Lime flavored with the exact lime color inside.  The flower ones were strawberry.  The were simply scrumptious and the hit of the party for sure!  I named them after the Bloomin Cacoonin print.  How appropriate!

For drinks, I made two very girly and frilly drinks, alcohol optional.  The Lilly Lemonade was mostly pink lemonade with a little corona for spritzer and a tiny bit of vodka.  The Toucan Tango was a mix of cranberry and pineapple juice with the choice to add champagne if so desired.  They were both quite yummy.

And of course, can't have a Lilly party without some pink and green decor!  These two pictures came from
L Whelan Design on Etsy.  The smaller picture was printed from Pintrest somewhere, I cannot remember where and I stuck it in one of my pink and green frame.  Just a little extra touch!

If there is one thing I love planning, it's a pink and green Lilly party!  I hope you enjoyed viewing all the pictures (and a big thanks to Nina for taking them!!)

PS - If anyone is interested in purchasing any Stella & Dot to match their Lilly fashions....email me at slpreppy@gmail.com.  I'll be happy to have some credit from your sale!  :-)

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. You look amazing in that dress - LOVE it!!! Lilly should bring that style back.
    The Lilly details are all perfect! What a fun party.

  2. What a cute party! I LOVE the dress you have on!

  3. What a great party! I LOVE the dress you're wearing!

  4. So cute and fun! Love all the festive food names to match your theme!

  5. Looks fun! I see the ole "Dress me up" plate is still hanging around :-)

    Rock On!

  6. I LOVE LOVE the dress you are wearing! So fun!


  7. What a lovely party - the dresses are beautiful! But my eyes were particularly caught by that amazing necklace!

  8. love that dress! That party looks like so much fun!

  9. Amazing party!!! You did a great job!

  10. I am SO jealous of this party! I want to play dress up in Lilly vintage and try on fabulous jewelry! Wanna jet up to Richmond and throw another one of these partays?

  11. You look AMAZING in your vintage Lilly,and the party looked so fun and festive!!

  12. You looked AMAZING in your vintage Lilly,and the party details were so fabulous!!

  13. Oh my word I am so jealous of your party! Who wouldnt want to play dress up in vintage Lilly, try on fabulous jewelry and eat some preppy goodies! xo

  14. What a fun party. And I love that necklace too