Monday, February 27, 2012

Wheat Grass and Puppets

We had a fabulous weekend at the SLPS household!  Saturday, Husband had a church council retreat from about 10 am to 2 pm so Lallie and I headed to the library for a puppet show and some book checkouts.  We were lucky that Daddy's meeting was at the same library, so we got to pop in and say hello!
We met our friend, Georgie, at the puppet show!  Isn't she a doll?
Lallie LOVES books and was thrilled to spend some time checking out some new ones for nightly reading.
Earlier that morning, before we headed to the library, Lallie assembled our new wheat grass plants.  I had picked up a kit from the nearby farmer I told you about on Friday and Lallie was thrilled to plant them.  She actually didn't want to go to the library as she feared she might miss the first sprout!

Pouring in the seeds and packing them down.

Next comes the watering!

All done!  Now we wait for them to start growing!
Saturday night, I headed to our local Junior League fundraiser....the one that I chaired last year (HERE and HERE).  I worked the ticket counter and was able to greet all the guests which was great!  I didn't miss a friend or a face!  I didn't stay for the full fundraiser this year but I did bring Husband home a few cupcake goodies!  It was a good gift considering he was in a retreat all day to come home and have me leave for the rest of the night.

Did I mention that the U.K. Wildcats won their 51st straight basketball game at home on Saturday as well?  I didn't. Well, they sure did!  Our coach hasn't lost a single game at home since coming to Kentucky.  We are SO looking forward to the SEC and NCAA championships this year a/k/a March Madness! 
Terrance Jones
Sunday after church, we headed home for a lazy day around the house.  We cleaned out the garden a bit (the tomatoes are still coming in at full force!), I finished up the flower girl dresses for Ashleigh's wedding and I caught Daddy and Lallie watching Singing in the Rain.

Here are a few pictures I promised the family from a couple weekends ago.  It was a beautiful, cool and windy day, so we headed outside for some kite flying.
Throw in a picture of our crazy geriatric dog (named UK after our fabulous Wildcats!)  He was trying to see the kite! :-)
Kite running.

Lallie has also become a "carpentress."  All she needs is a pink drill set, pink goggles and a pink measuring tape (which Lallie has promptly requested yet again, last night) and she is all set for carpentering work!
Excuse her was a wild day at the SLPS house!
Hope everyone has a wonderful start to the week!

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. OMG...Lallie is adorable! Not wanting to miss the first sprout- too cute. GO WILDCATS!

  2. How sweet! Your daughter will take excellent care of her new plants

  3. She looks like a little Matilda reading that book!

  4. I just adore all the great things y'all do with her! Grass is such an awesome "science" project. You can make some cool grass head by filling up a knee high with dirt and seed. Then tie it off. Water it as usual. The grass grows in as the "hair." Make a face using wiggle eyes, pom pom's and other craft supplies. Then just set it on top of a paper cup! She can design clothes to paper~clip to the cup to change her Spring Grass friend's OOTD! Have fun you scientists!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

    (love the kite flying!)