Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pool, Tomatoes, Fundraising & Dr. Seuss!

I am FREE!  The fundraiser is over!  It was a fantastic event with lots of wonderful ladies and we raised a great deal of money for the Junior League and the Breast Cancer Fund.  And now…..I can officially breathe!  Here’s a picture of me with some of my fellow league members (everyone pictured here from the financial side of operations.)


Saturday, I was the walking dead.  I didn’t get myself (or Lallie) out of pajamas until 4 pm.  I didn’t make any phone calls, I didn’t clean, I didn’t do a thing except relax and play with Lallie.  Lallie got up from her nap around 4 pm and I then decided to put “real” clothes on her….a mere 4 hours before bedtime. 

Sunday, we swam in the pool.  Our first swim of the season.  It was about 85 degrees but windy, so we were cold if we didn’t stay underneath the water.  The pool was heated to about 83 degrees so it was a like a sauna.  Lallie has apparently forgotten how to swim since October.  We’ll keep working on it though.


Isn’t her little Janie and Jack bathing suit adorable?  She got it for her 3rd birthday back in July, a size 2, and it’s still al little big, but too, too cute! (Don’t mind our solar blanket in the background….it’s the reason we' re even able to get into the pool this early in the season, holds in the heat!)



This is big news y’all.  Florida soil is awful and unless you have just the right amount of sun and plant in the right time of the year, tomatoes are impossible to grow.  And after 10 years….we have successfully grown tomatoes (well, Husband has successfully grown tomatoes ….giving credit where credit is due).  Look at all those green ones getting ready to ripen!  Even Lallie took a bite and loved it!  We are having loads of soil delivered tomorrow to fill the three planter boxes Husband built and perfect timing for planting fresh veggies!



Smells yummy!  (Notice Lallie’s ability to accessorize early on).


Last but not least and speaking of growing things in a garden….Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Yesterday, for our local library’s Seussabration, I was able to choose a Dr. Seuss book, read it to a class of Pre-Voluntary Kindergarten students at a local elementary school and then donate the book to the school. 

The Pre-K class is getting ready to learn about plants and how they grow.  So I chose the book Oh Say Can You Seed starring the Cat in the Hat.  The kids loved the book (and they insisted I wear my hat) .  I had a wonderful time reading to the kids, telling them about my own daughter and listening to their adorably cute questions.

IMG_3542 smudege

Ta-Ta For Now!

Happy Wednesday Y’all! 



  1. I used to love Dr. Seuss day as a kid! Your little girl is adorable!

  2. I am so glad you were able to relax after the busy few weeks you have had. Congrats on a successful event too.
    I miss being able to volunteer during the day. That was one of the perks of not working. :)

  3. I am glad the fundraiser went well.