Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lilly Luncheon, Basketball, Sewing and a Winner!

You’ll have to forgive my blog titles….I never know what to say.  I’m just not witty enough to come up with something cute, so an outline will have to do! 

Sunday, our local Dillard’s hosted my Junior League for a Lilly Luncheon to debut the spring line of Lilly Pulitzer!  Yours truly hosted the fun event, sending out the invites and gathering up the models, thereby providing Dillard’s with many willing and ready buyers!  Dillard’s and their management did a fantastic job, serving us with a wonderful brunch with everything decorated in our favorite pink and green designer! 





I walked away with the Cissy skirt in Peel and Eat, a jean skirt and the Lana top in hotty pink.  Love the Lana top, I think I need it in every color.  Tee hee hee.


Sunday afternoon, I worked on one of the dresses for Lallie I posted about on Friday.  Other than needing a little shortening, I think it turned out adorable and Lallie couldn’t wait to try it on and model!  The white fabric has little yellow polka dots on it, very spring and summer.


Boy, Sunday  was a packed day.  That afternoon we watched the SEC Championship against the Florida Gators.  So, of course, when Kentucky won, I had to show my Kentucky pride…..in a very LOUD and obnoxious statement such as…..oh, running up and down the street with our HUGE Kentucky flag.  I know, I know….very un-southern, but when you live in Gator country, listening to them gloast all year long, one has to make a statement when we fight back.  Mmmmm….mmmm, fried gator was awfully tasty that night!

(I know….it’s awful, but I’m not going to apologize!)



And oh…okay, I guess I should announce the winner of the blogoversary giveaway….the book Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown was up for grabs.

And to prove, Ashleigh, that you were in the running, I took a picture proving you were in the pot.


However, I am sad to say that you weren’t the winner (cue, email from Ashleigh asking when she’s going to win something).

The winner was (drum roll please):


Please email me at slpreppy@gmail.com with your address so I can mail your copy of the book.  Congratulations!!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!



  1. Dangit!! I guess it'll just have to go on my Kindle wish list with the other 61 books I want to read :-). I'm almost done with "Backseat Saints" though so I'm getting ready to start Hunger Games.

    Rock On!

  2. Jennifer you look so Springy waving that flag, you go girl!
    I love the pink bucket...where do you get those?

  3. What a cute post :) I love the Junior League luncheon .. I can't wait until I'm back in the South & attending fabulous things such as that! And the dress is adorable .. you're so talented!

  4. I got the Cissy skirt the other day, can't wait to wear it! Also check out the Cassie top, so comfortable and worthy of being owned in every color!

  5. Lallie looks adorable in that dress! Your Lilly party looks like so much fun, and I love the Cissy skirt!

  6. I am so glad you showed those Florida Gators there are UK fans everywhere! Go Cats!!

  7. ditto dang it. i really wanted that book, as i am ultra cheap and never buy anything for myself!

  8. Y'all are too cute!!! Looks like a fab lunch, too fun!

  9. look at lallie in her cute dress!!!!!

  10. The luncheon and running around with the KY flag look like so much fun.
    And the dress is to cute