Friday, March 11, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again…

My sewing saddle anyways.  Now that life has slowed down a bit, I’m super excited to get back to my favorite hobby of sewing.  I have several fabrics in my sewing room waiting to be cut and pieced, all super colorful and perfect for the coming spring and fall.  Here are a few things I have in store.

Is this not the CUTEST dress ever?  And it’s actually quite easy to make, don’t let the banded fabric fool you.  It’s a lot easier then most imagine.  I found this pattern at Tiny Tot Patterns on Etsy. 


Also at Tiny Tot Patterns is this dress.  I actually think I’m going to make this a tunic rather than a dress and make some adorable white capris with matching pink frill around the bottoms.


Last in the docket is this Any Day Dress from Cuddles N Chaos on Etsy. 


Though I’m not making a straight dress.  Rather, I’m going to use the pattern for the top of the dress (with the buttons) and attempt to make this dress.  It is a layered dress with the back open.  I’ve been looking at this dress for a few days and I think I’ve got the pattern down in my head of what attaches where and what needs to be sewn first. 


My plan is to have these three outfits completed by May, which gives me plenty of time with my work schedule.  I would love Lallie to wear these dresses when we head up north for my brother-in-law’s wedding!  There will be lots of festivities, so it would be fun to dress Lallie up in adorable, frilly outfits. Lallie, Husband and I are all in the wedding, so these dresses would be for pre and post wedding activities.  All three outfits could either be worn with a cardi or shirt underneath should it still be cooler weather while up north.

I’m really not too worried about the first two dresses, I’m really pretty good at following patterns.  I’m only worried about the bottom one, making sure that I measure the correct amount of fabric for the attachment to the top of the dress.  Of course, Lallie will also have to do a little cooperating as I measure her for the dress too! 

Last but not least, I’m going to make Lallie a crayon roll.  She LOVES to color and we color wherever we go whether it be church, travel or a restaurant.  I think I’ll make a few extras for gifts as well as birthdays etc., come about.


Wish my luck!!

Happy Friday Y’all!



  1. o o o. cute. i'm just teaching myself to sew... i've only adorned cloth diapers for burpies so far. since i don't have little girls, i don't get to do girlie stuff often! I did make and sell tutu's this christmas, though, and loved it. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. I have missed sewing so much. I packed my sewing machine up when we moved, and I realized a few months ago that I had made a huge mistake. Once we move into the house and everything comes out of storage, I plan to sew, sew, sew! The dresses you have chosen are so cute. Please post pics when you are finished.

  3. They are all so cute. I have been wanting to learn how to sew.

  4. Those are too adorable! I love that first dress!

  5. Oh these are all so adorable!! They look so sweet and just say Spring!!

  6. I really want you to make me dresses! So cute