Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Lately, I've been a little snarky and un-southern.  Really, even Miss SLPS has a “not so Lilly-esque” side.  I've been running around my Florida neighborhood with my University of Kentucky flag in tow, just to rub in the fact we're SEC Champions 2011 over the Florida Gators.

I've been posting to facebook snarky statements like, "Yes, Mockingjay is finally mine at the library.  If you're looking for it, you can't have it for two weeks, bwahahaha!" 

Okay - I deleted that last one because it was too snarky, even for me.

By definition, snarky means unpleasant and scornful.  So I wouldn't exactly say I was being unpleasant or scornful (well, unless you're a Gators fan).

For some reason, I was thinking (which can be disastrous): what other words, made up or real, do I use in my everyday vernacular, most people having no idea what they mean?  Other than “snarky".

Well, look....I found one of those nifty word putter-together-picture-making-thingys.  I used a shamrock for obvious reasons and of course, my signature color, and filled it with words that mean some sort of something in my life.

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

Most of these have come into use over the years through Auntshleigh (my BFF, sister, Lallie’s Godmother and oldest friend), all having some sort of inner meeting.

I feel I must explain "Snoofballs."  For some odd reason, Lallie calls the movie Night at the Children's Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian "snoofballs."  I have no clue why, some crazy night with Lallie and Husband while I was off Junior Leaguing.  So picture this:  Lallie wants to watch Snoofballs.  Mommy has no idea what Snoofballs is or where she heard that word (also getting concerned).  Lallie proceeds to throw a super tantrum which lasts about 30 minutes until Husband walks in the door and says "Oh Snoofballs....that’s the movie."  End tantrum.

Really?  Note to Husband.  When making up new words with Lallie, please inform Mommy of said word.  Thank you.

I'm curious to know what words you use daily that mean something only to you.  I might steal them and start using them myself.  I love talking in code. 


That being said, I'm out for the rest of the week.  You know my dear soon-to-be sister-in-law Jess (Husband's brother's fiancée)?  Well, her wedding shower is this weekend, so I'm taking a trip to Kentucky to be with her (less Lallie and Husband who will be staying here).  After all, I am one of her bridesmaids so I'd like to be there for her big day!  Speaking of that....note to self, call bridal store to find out when dress will be arriving.

Happy Weekend Y'all!


  1. I will never forget the day you came home all excited and said "it was a festifill of ladybugs!!!"

    Rock On!

  2. Haha, I love it! I collect quotes from books and this post reminds me of a favorite from The Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King: "All southern girls are raised to be nice and polite, can’t be anything but, regardless of how mean-spirited we might be deep down. The illusion of sweetness, that’s all that counts. We don’t have to be sincerely sweet, but by God we have to be good at faking it. Southern girls will stab you in the back, same as anyone else, but we’ll give you a sugary smile while doing it.”

    I know that's a bit long, but hopefully you enjoyed it! I'm new to blogging, so please check out my site and share any of your blogging wisdom!

  3. What!! Your not being a sweet southern belle? teehee :)
    I don't cuss (i know, I am weird) so I say BALLS :) Read that in a Jen Lancaster novel. I also say "freakin" which is probably as bad as the F word, lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend at the shower-D

  4. Sometimes you just have to get your snark on. Especially when it comes to living in FL as a Cats fan. Don't feel too bad. You're just a proud UK fan.

    Go Cats!! :)

  5. haha I have been the same way on facebook and Twitter lately... people are just getting on my nerves. For instance, everyone complaining about losing ONE hour of sleep due to DST... I'm like you can have that one hour back in the fall when it's cold, dark, and dreary outside!! haha

  6. We all have those moments of snarkiness. Don't feel bad it is not like you are like it all the time.
    I have started saying frick & frack instead of the f word and I am not sure where that came from.
    Have fun this weekend.

  7. The thing about the word "Snarky" is that it sounds like a proper and polite way of saying something worse. I like it.
    I read a post from another blog quite awhile back and she was saying that her middle son overheard her older kids saying, "You don't have to be a jerk about it." Well, her middle son must have missed what he was hearing because he said to one of the older siblings one day, "Well you don't have to be a jerk in the butt." Not very polite, but so well spoken. I loved it.

  8. Snarky? You? Really??? Nah...but you are pretty darn funny! :-) No worries, we all have times when others are on our nerves. And as Susan R said above, I like the word "snarky". Sounds better than most of the alternatives!
    Enjoy the shower and safe travels! Have a great week! XOXO