Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thirty-One Online Party

Good morning y’all!  I am hosting an online Thirty-One party!  I was introduced to Thirty-One by my lovely friend Auntsleigh a/k/a Lallie’s Godmother a while back.  Then, I contacted my local consultant to be at our JL LUNAFEST fundraiser.  I loved her stuff, I said, let’s host an online party!! 

If you’d like an invite, please comment below with your email address or email me directly at  I will then email you the link and catalog so you can browse everything online including the pattern choice, monogram choices and all the bright and super preppy colors they have to offer!

I LOVE the Little Carry-All totes.  Look how cute these would be for little Easter baskets….aren’t they darling?


My favorite is the beach tote and scarf (my most recent purchase….I love the tote and it’s bright colors.  Of course, you can get any of the hundreds of products in so many different designs and combinations!  I also love the multiple types of insulated totes, and they are all very, very reasonably priced.

beach bag

Monogramming….no problem.  It’s $6.00 flat (no paying by the letter, so if your name is fourteen letters long…you’re not paying $14.00, just $6.00!)

And, during the month of March, spend $31.00 and get a purse (on page 42 of the catalog) for 1/2 price.

For the kid’s Thirty-One items, including the boys and girls burp cloths and bibs, hooded towels and gift sets.  Perfect for the newly arrived bundle of joy.   OR, think about that end of the year teacher’s gift.  Yep, you can get this same pattern in the totes and purses too!

31kid-soft-hoody-towel-1  288__400x400_p38-31kid-bib-burp-cloth-set-1  girls gift set

My current favorites are all the different organization sets you can get (in any of their pattern choices).  The door organizer, the file organizer, the bins, baskets and customized stationary items.

door orgnaizer

Hey, it never hurts to browse!  Again, my email is

Happy Wednesday Y’all!


  1. My friend just got the magnetic easel board and loves it! I'm obsessed with it!

  2. Two things: 1-I love it when I get to introduce YOU to something :-). I use my cosmetics case every weekend and I LOVE it! and 2- this is the proper spelling of Auntshleigh.

    A U N T S H L E I G H (two H's)

    Rock On!

  3. Oh it is all so adorable. My son is going to his first mommy's day out program in the fall so I am in need of a cute monogram lunch bag! thanks girl