Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Lenten Promise

Yes, yes, I know I am nearly a whole week late getting started.  I have thought and thought about what I would give up for Lent this year and I have to admit, I have not gained much past success in this department. This year I am determined.

So what is my promise?  I'm shamed to admit this.  Yes, shamed!

I am giving up fast food and soda.  (I know that Lisa, my trainer, is reading this with her head held low thinking "didn't I teach her anything in Body Back classes?")  Yes, I am shamed.

But I will insert a disclaimer here (because, you know, we all have excuses thanks to Adam and Eve)...
I eat the *good* fast food.  Diet soda or lemonade, Wendy's salad, fresco tacos at Taco Bell. I don't drink soda at home, pretty much only water.  Okay, there was that one bacon cheeseburger, but give me a break!  It was 10:00 at night and we were on the way home from the hospital with Lallie's cracked head and we were hungry.  Excuses.
Shame again....yes, Lallie ate the McDonald's chicken nuggets.  Blech!

You saw my post a few days ago about eating healthier foods and organic.  We do eat well at home when I cook, but with two working parents, it's hard to get our schedules together sometimes for that dinner meal.  In this particular post, I'm talking mostly about lunches when I'm out on the road with work.  Breakfast and dinners we eat at home and Lallie, she gets a very balanced and nutritious lunch every day, packed by yours truly.  I just don't practice what I preach to my family during the lunch hour.  With my becoming more and more educated about healthy eating, this is the next step.

****As a side note, we don't feed Lallie fast food very often at all.  But McDonald's, they sure do have their marketing strategies down!  Lallie looked at me from the back seat a couple days ago and asked when we can go to McDonald's so she can get her box of hope.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly appreciate McDonald's charity work and am glad they are giving back to those in need through the Ronald McDonald's House Charities.  It really is a worthly cause.  But, HOPE certainly does NOT come from a little red box filled with junk food and a toy.  Hope comes from family, friends, Godparents, prayer, from within and most importantly, from God himself.  Sorry for the sidenote....it disgusted me that McDonald's is selling hope to my 4 year old via their food (you should have seen me try to explain this one to Lallie!).  We don't let Lallie watch much TV except for Sprout and PBS, so I'm not 100% sure where she saw this commercial.***

Anyways, I'm giving up anything fast food.  That is, food you have to get from a drive through.  Through work, I am often on the road and I admit, staying in my car rather than getting out to walk to a Publix is much more convenient.  But no more!  I shall prevail!  I plan to go shopping and fill my large office fridge with healthy foods.

What will this accomplish?
  1. I will become healthier.
  2. My pocket book sure won't suffer!
  3. Husband will hopefully follow suit and join me.
  4. Lallie,  though she doesn't eat this much anyways, won't be tempted.
  5. I'm doing this as my Lenten promise to God to support this temple he has given me.
What are your Lentent promises?  I'm anxious to hear!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Don't be ashamed!! I am giving up sodas too. I have a really bad habit of drinking cokes and monsters during the day and actually all the time. I know how bad they are for you but they taste so good sometimes! Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Good for you! What a great thing to give up.

    I actually don't give anything up for Lent. BUT as a Catholic, I don't eat meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during Lent. These days are also days of fasting (one meal and 2 snacks), which I do participate in.

  3. You go girl! I don't give anything up since I am not Catholic (although I am marrying into a Catholic family). If you are giving up all drive-thrus, does that count Panera? The Panera by my work JUST opened one and it is so convenient! But the point of my message, friend, is that Diet Coke is worse for you that regular! Have you not seen the news. Cancer city! Stop drinking it! Thank you :-) Love you!


  4. Good for you! That's a great thing to give up. I just stick to the no meat on Friday thing. Perhaps, I really should think of something else to give up!

    Hope all is well!

  5. I have total faith you can do it.