Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Misc.: Lallieisms, Sweet Valley High, Organization, Photo Book, Eye Makeup Remover

When I picked Lallie up from school yesterday she had a paper clip.  This was the third day in a row she had shown me a paperclip, so I asked her teacher what this was all about.  She said that Lallie had been bringing them home since at least January to which Lallie responded "Yes, I have a box in a special place at home, for my paper clip collection" (pronounced co-lack-tion).  So, somewhere in our house is a collection of paperclips.  We had no idea.

Lallie also sees my preserved wedding dress in my closet.  She asks consistently is she can wear it when she gets married.  Last night, she told me this.  "When I get married, I want my girls to wear rainbow dresses and crowns so they can be like princesses.  But I'll be the queen."

Gosh, we love that kid.

Sweet Valley High
Recently, I came across this book.  It's about Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, the gorgeous identical twins of Sweet Valley High, ten years after the conclusion of the high school series.  I had completely forgotten about the Sweet Valley series and had never even read many of the books.  I was more of a Nancy Drew girl, but I do remember others reading the series.  So when I added Sweet Valley Confidential to my Goodreads, I said to myself "I can't read this book without knowing the back story!"  

So enter my latest ebay purchase.  Yes, that's 51 books.  I've already read the first four and admit that I am loving them (and I'm not a series least, not long series books like this one).  
Is this shameful?  I feel embarrassed to even admit this.

Here is my organized life:
  • the check register on my work computer
  • my blog ideas scribbled on a notepad in my purse
  • my passwords on Evernote
  • my favorite websites on a pad of paper on my desk
  • my schedule half in my outlook/half in a bound calendar
  • the summer schedule on the fridge
  • meal planning - no such thing (though I've tried)
  • Auto maintenance - in the cars (I think)
  • Home inventory - nonexistent

Get the drift?  Now, raise your hand if you're just like me.  Enter Iheart Organizing.  She has adorable customized printables that you can download day after day, year after year, and keep all in one binder.  I can't wait for mine to be finished so I can get started on getting everything together.  And in one spot, for both myself and Husband if he ever needs anything for any reason.  I'll let you know how it works out!  Check out her shop HERE.
Speaking of organization, Lallie's pictures are a mess!  I have them here and there and everywhere.  Some on my iphone, some in shutterfly, some on two or three different laptops.  Madness!  
I was good about her first year, I even made an adorable scrapbook (back when I still had time to scrapbook) and I did print all her first few months of pictures and label them into an album.  
After that....nothing.  

A couple nights ago, while Husband was a church council meeting, I organized all the pictures onto our external hard drive, which we affectionately call "The Brick."   It really does look like a brick....a grey one.

My plan is to take the best pictures for each year of Lallie's life thus far and put into a photo album.  I ran across THIS  photo book review website which led me to MixBook.  I love the automix feature, where you can pick your pictures and then MixBook will automatically format and drop into the sections for you.  I'm going to try out one book and take a look at the quality.  I'll let you know how that turns out too.

Eye Makeup Remover
Last but not least.  Eye makeup remover.  A few days ago, a ran across a blog about eye makeup remover not working (I canNOT remember the blog, I wrote down the recipe.  If you're reading this, let me know so I can give you proper credit!).  I haven't needed eye makeup remover for some time (see THIS post) but since I started wearing eye makeup last week, I've noticed I do need the remover.  My poor rubbed and red eyes desperately need it.  Anyways, she had a homemade recipe that she tried and loved, so  I made my own version.  After all, I already had all the ingredients and she's right, it works great!  Just mix 1 cup of water with 1 1/4 tsp baby shampoo (tear-free) and 1/8 tsp. baby oil or olive oil (I used olive oil).  Let me know if you like it too!

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Um, I cant put into words how much I LOVE that you have all 51 of the SVH books. I read those when I was in middle/high school and adored them. I've had the updated book on my To Read list for a while. I may have to buy it this weekend - you've inspired me!

    1. And that's only half of them! There are 150 I think! I am missing a few numbers in between here and there, so I'll have to locate them. Purchased all of these for about $15 plus media mail shipping. Score! xoxo

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  3. How sweet that she has a paperclip co-lack-tion and amazing she kept it since January!! I don't think I had anything that consistent as a kid. When we come down for her birthday I'll have to see if she will show it to me. I'm intrigued!!

    1. I hope you can coax her to show it to you! I tried last night and she wouldn't so I looked myself. Nowhere I can find! So I'm intrigued as well!

  4. Awh! Her vision of her wedding is simply precious!

  5. Love the idea of homemade eye make-up remover. I use Lancome on a regular basis and I know that the harsh chemicals are bad for your eye area in the long run!

  6. I LOVED SVH! I just recently found a few books that I had growing up and read through them! They were great books!

    Happy weekend xo

  7. Oh how I love co~lack~tions! I have quite a few myself! tee heee! And the Queen on her wedding, how very true! Love the new look of the blog, espech those PINK high heels!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  8. I know I say this all the time...Lallie is adorable! I love that she has a secret paper clip collection! I've also told her bridesmaid idea to a recently engaged friend!

    I was a HUGE Sweet Valley fan! I've Sweet Valley Confidential. The storyline wasn't that great and the way it's written is hard to follow at times. But I loved seeing what the characters had been up too and 'what happened to them' so to speak.

    I am super unorganized...but they say that means your creative! iheartorganizing is a blog I follow. I love her ideas but have not used any of them.

    Love, love, love, love the new blog design!

  9. I love Lallie's idea of a wedding.
    To funny about the SVH books. I read most of them through high school. I also read the book you are talking about because I had to know.

  10. Our guestbook for the wedding is from Mixbook! And I made Christopher a photobook from Mixbook a few years ago. I've used both Mixbook and shutterfly and I think Mixbook is easier!