Friday, May 11, 2012

Mommy and Me Tea

This morning was the Mommy and Me Tea at Lallie's school.  We had so much fun going to her classroom, listening to a song presentation and then the giving of the Mother's Day gifts.  We then went for muffins and tea with all the mommies and their daughters.  It was a fun morning.  Being a full-time working mom, any opportunity I can get to go into the classroom with Lallie is super special.
I'm wearning a Lilly Cassie slub with white linen pants, my gold Stephen Bonanno's
and Stella and Dot necklace and earrings.

Yesterday was the Kindergarten tour at her new school for next year.  I've never cried.  Not when I dropped Lallie off at her first dayschool, not when I dropped her off at Montessori, not when I dropped her off at Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten.  I didn't even cry registering her for Kindergarten.

But yesterday, when she walked through the lunch line during our tour to get a snack all by herself, I broke down right there in front of everyone, the tears just flowing wildly!  I guess seeing her as a self-sufficient little person, picking up her own tray, napkin and snacks just did me in!  I always do those things for her...but not anymore.  I guess I often take for granted all those little things that she keeps learning to do on her own, not necessarily needing me anymore.  But, then I look to all the things she does still need me for and I'm trying to make a point to cherish them more rather than complaining about what I normally see as a menial task.  It's not menial at all, not when it comes to Lallie.  Not one bit

Happy Friday and Mother's Day y'all!


  1. oh my goodness this is way too cute. xo

  2. Glad that you had fun at the tea! Seeing Lallie being so independent at a young age means you did a great job raising her! Hope you have a GREAT Mother's Day!

  3. What a sweet mommy you are!! My first graders did a huge writing project last week all about their moms and we published it into a present for their mom--I told the kids "Some of your moms might even cry when they read this because they're so happy"--they were baffled when I tried to explain tears of joy!