Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preppy Boys & Girls

The other day, walking through Target with Lallie and Husband, I spotted these adorable Preppy Cabbage Patch Kids.

While not exactly fashioned the way I would fashion myself or Lallie, it did have me thinking a bit. 
Y'all know we're preppy and you know the clothing styles we gravitate towards, but I've never put actual sets together, just for fun.
Here's a couple of fun little boy and girl closets I threw together this morning (thinking 5 years old plus).  I think they're pretty cute and certainly preppy indeed!  In what styles do you like to dress your little ones?

(Disclaimer - I don't have a boy and I don't dress boys but if I did, I love the look of a blazer with a tie and shorts.  With the blond hair combed back towards the side with a side part....much like Lallie's little friend....yes, very preppy).

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. These are too precious! Such a great job and so springy! I love the pastels and I completely agree with the tie and blazer look!