Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lallie Didn't Quite Understand the Water Balloon

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Saturday my mom arrived to take care of Lallie while Husband and I work this week.  She's out of school and summer camp doesn't start until next Monday, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to come down to visit and spend some time with us and Lallie.  

My mom recently moved to North Florida from Kentucky and was in need of a closet makeover.  She's traded in her job as a microbiologist for over thirty years for a part-time management job at a book store.  Retirement is treating her well but the heat of Florida and the change from a very cold hospital to a very hot environment demanded a change in clothing.  So we went shopping....for two days straight!  We went to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall on Sunday (my absolute favorite place) and then hit the outlets yesterday.  I was very good.  I bought one white pencil skirt for work and a refill on my MAC Marine Lightweight Moisturizer.  Mom....she went a little crazy.  I actually had to stop her!  She purchased several things from Ann Taylor LOFT, I.N.C., Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, Jones New York and Bass.  She also purchased all new bedroom linens and duvets for her master at Pottery Barn.  We had fun for sure!

Yesterday evening, Husband introduced the water balloon to Lallie.  She knew we were going to fill the balloons with water but didn't quite understand what you're supposed to do with them after you fill them.  Well, Daddy being the practical joker and all had a sharp piece of mulch and popped the balloon right as Lallie was reaching for it.  Here's the chain of events:

Filling up the water balloon with daddy.....

....and not quite understanding what happens you play water balloons with Daddy....

....results in severe pouting half way across the yard.

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Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Poor Lallie! Now she needs to surprise him with a water balloon attack when he gets home from work :)

    1. We tried to yesterday, she was SO freaked out that he'd do it to her again. I actually had Husband sit in the pool and popped one over his head to appease Lallie, she thought it was hilarious! Of course, I was soaked too as I was just as attached as Lallie. It was fun!

  2. Love the new blog design! That is great you captured Lallie's face, right as it popped. Hilarious!!

  3. The second picture is PERFECT - I love how the water is captured, so cool! And I love the new design!

  4. Poor girl. what a way to learn about them.

    1. Oh she's just fine! She pouted for maybe 30 seconds. After that, I convinced her to help me get daddy back! :-)

  5. Glad you had so much fun shopping with your mom! The second picture is amazing!

  6. I shouldn't laugh but the after photo is just too funny! I hope she grows to love water balloons. So fun!