Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Book Swap Partners!!

Sorry for my delay ladies!

There is another person who'd like to join the swap and she needs a partner, so let me know if you're interested and I'll hook you two up! =)

Here are the partners (drawn out of a hat!)
Contact each other via email, discuss the books you each have and what you'd like, and swap one, two, ten....whatever you like!

Kappa Prep and Mint Juleps & Magnolias

Zentmrs & the Mr. and Little Erin

Sara Lang and Loving Married Life

Grove Gals and Muffy Martini

Preppy Pink Crab and Barefoot in the Park

Nautical By Nature and Mommy Esq.

Lis Loves and The Preppy Princess

KAG24 and Shorty Sassy Mama

Headbands & Handbags and A Wedding Story

Southern Living: Preppy Style and Bees & Fleur de lis

Okay ladies - swap away. I expect to hear book reviews and I desperately need more great reads! Have lots of fun and if this works out well, I'll host another one in a few weeks!



  1. If you're still in need of one more, count me in!


  2. Looks like Jo beat me to it, but I would love to participate, sorry I waited so long to respond. If you need a partner let me know!

  3. Thanks for hosting this!!! It is going to be so fun!! Hope you are having a great day!! = )