Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm REALLY in trouble now!

I have still not posted pictures from two weekends ago! It's amazing how behind you get from just a few days gone. I promise (I really do this time) that I will post pictures.

In the meantime, our weekend will consist of:

- Swimming
- Playing
- Husband working on Jeep brakes
- sleeping
- snack baking for Church snacks
- swimming
- playing
- some cleaning, not much
- crafting (always a plus!)
- no reading :( I don't have any books! But I have SIX on their way from my recent book swap
(by the way how did everyone make out with the book swap? I'm anxious to know!)]
- swimming
- playing
- maybe attending a festival for children
- manicure and pedicure! Much needed!
- blogging (pictures from last weekend) and possibly setting up a new Private blog for my
daughter's school and the kids/parents

What are you doing this weekend? And tell me your input on the book swap!


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