Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Weekend's Recap - Part 2

Last weekend, the family went to Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach. It's a fantastic drive-through zoo with animals in as much of their natural habitat as possible walking around you as you view them (except the lions of course!) Lallie LOVES animals and it's always a thrill to see her reaction when she sees her favorites right there before her eyes. Have you ever seen a rhino's rear from a mere 5 feet away? Yeah, take it from me, it's HUGE and it's not exactly pretty, but it was pretty neat! Don't make one of them mad, that's for sure!

There is also a walk-through park with giraffe feedings, petting zoo, lory bird feedings, water park, lunch etc. You can walk through it an about an hour. So, stay in your a/c car for one hour and in the heat for one hour. Not too bad of a day, especially for a two-year old.

Have a great day!



  1. I love Lion Country Safari! I haven't been in years as I have little reason to be on the East coast.