Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Junior League

I am in big trouble with the family and friends who are so desperately wanting to see our pictures from our Ky trip two weeks ago! I have been so super busy with work, home, crafts, JL, business trips that I haven't had time to blog! It will calm down for me next week....I hope, I hope?

I did have my first JL meeting last night with Petunia from Petunia in Paradise. She lives near me and has joined JL too! So far we have met some wonderful ladies and we are both extremely hyped about all the charity and volunteer work that will be heading our way.

This league is extremely active! The president and new-member chairperson spouted off all types of different volunteer opportunities for this coming year. Too many to remember and that's a great thing. The league is unbelievably committed to women and children in need right here in our own back yard, whether it be due to cancer, abuse, literacy etc. and they are committed to the betterment of society in general through projects such as the children's museum. As new members, we will have the opportunity to formulate our own project and with the fostering of the more experienced active members, I am sure that this group of women will create something fabulous.

This league is unique in one other way. It is a small group, and therefore, tighter knit than some of the larger groups in larger cities. Petunia and I will meet lots of women and hopefully become close friends with them. The president mentioned a monthly social event where we can bring children, spouses, friends, significant others etc., so that they can also meet new people as well. There were three reasons I wanted to join: first off, for the volunteer opportunities and training; second, to meet new people; and third, so husband might have the chance to meet new people as well.

All three combined, Junior League is a great place to be!



  1. That's so neat you met another blogger to go to meetings with!

  2. JL is a great organization! I have been a part of it for 8 years and am looking forward to another great year as well.

  3. I'm glad JL is going well so far! I debated going the Boston chapter over the summer but decided to wait until next year, but I'm really looking forward to it!

  4. I can't wait to hear more about your JL adventures. I hope to join next year! Isn't blog world wonderful that you have met a friend to do all of this with!

    Have a great day!

  5. How fun that you met Petunia! I'm glad you're enjoying your experience! I plan to join next Fall.

  6. How fun for you and Miss Petunia, that will make meetings even more fun!

  7. I am so happy that we are doing this together! I think it is a very nice group of ladies that we have joined!

  8. For a little extra inspiration and perspective on the good you and other Junior League volunteers are doing, check out this video -- -- about the "aha moment" of a fellow JL volunteer. I think you'll find it inspiring.