Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Happy Place

This week has been insane. This is my office, it literally exploded into a mess! (yes, and the green Hilfiger jacket from last fall is still there - I really need to get that to the cleaners for this fall! I really have been meaning to take it home.)

On top of work, my right hip is damaged and killing me (trust me, it's a funny, embarrassing story so when I work up the nerve, I'll tell you about it). All in all the last few days have been ROUGH!

Yesterday, I'd had it. So, before picking up Lallie from school to return home for normal weeknight chaos, I decided to go to my happy place. That "calgon, take me away" feeling was much needed and so I went to.....

...and the fall smell as soon as those automatic doors opened was a breath of fresh air. For approximately 35 minutes, the world around me disappeared and I was in my happy place (well, one of my happy places anyways, I have many).

Of course, I just needed a little happy, not to buy, so I left my purse in the car. I locked the door and then thought, "yeah right, like I'm going to leave it in the car, someone will break in and steal it!" (Geeezzzz, WHAT was a thinking?) I took my purse in with me in fear of robbers.

I had no intentions of getting a cart, but who could carry a heavy bag with a right hip hurting...I needed something to lean on so I could hobble around (I really didn't need to make my hip worse.)

Remember that little weiner dog from that PetSmart commercial we all thought was so cute. It was probably a year or more ago. I found it! It's so cute, and PINK!!

...and what about pink and green tinsel trees for $4.99? I put the pink one in the cart, but it had a leg broken off, so I put it back (insert Husbands, "thank goodness" sigh here).

I love perusing the stationary and office supply choices at HomeGoods. They always have such great stuff in bright colors. I love to shop for gifts here. But not today, nope...I'm being good (this was before the tinsel tree almost purchase).

This little shabby chic white tray is so pretty (it looks dark in the picture). I can imagine it now with a little silver julep cup filled with bright pink and green flowers with a secondary accent on the side. But, again, my cart remained empty.

I love stained glass. This, of course, is not the gorgeous stained glass you see in churches and chapels in Europe or the Tiffany glass windows like at Flagler College in St. Augustine, but I always love looking such glass. This would be pretty in a tall foyer where the sun really shines, on a wall. Maybe, maybe not? I don't personally have any in our house and I am far from being a designer, so it's just a thought.

Remember this green watering can I found and posted about a while back? I couldn't fathom buying it for $29.99 at that time, but it was on clearance for $9.99! SCORE! I'll put this pretty in my pink/green guest room with fresh flowers when visitors come to visit. Thank goodness i had my purse and cart or I wouldn't have had the strength or money to buy it! :-)

Husband will say that I still didn't come home in a happy mood after visiting my happy place. I will respond with, "Did you really want to see me before I went to happy place?" Now THAT would have been scary!



  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going into TJ Maxx !!! I found the cutest apron ever in there today , along with vanilla frosting candles by Colonial Home which are oval shaped, and perfect for a kitchen window area..............
    Love your blog ;)

  2. Good good day at Home Goods! It is usually a mis for me, but you found some great things! Christmas trees already-I guess it will be here before we know it!

  3. I love Home Goods! That watering can us precious. Maybe I need one for my pink and green guest room too!

  4. You have seriously made me want to go to Home Goods! You got some great stuff! Hope your having a great day!

  5. Aaahaha--love the end of the story!! I know that feeling!

  6. This is def a "Happy Place!" Love. This. Store. I bought a lot of Halloween decor from them recently.