Friday, September 11, 2009

The Kentucky Farm

I have loads of pictures from this past weekend, but my husband insists on my posting about the food first! He's been checking every day since our return to show his work buddies the fantastic home-grown on the farm food that we ate all weekend!

Husband and I both grew up with farms in our families. Nearly his entire family, all own farms in some capacity or other. They generally run livestock such as cattle on the hill of Eastern Kentucky (part of the Appalachian mountains). In addition, they have gardens in which to grow all types of vegetables.

View from the front porch swing.

My grandparents owned a farm in Southern Illinois which is quite different in terrain then Eastern Kentucky. Think of it as a large, flat grid with large fields of corn, soybeans, wheat etc. My grandparents owned several fields in multiple areas in between other owners and I fondly remember my grandmother taking me with her to take lunch to grandpa when he was out plowing, planting or harvesting. I also rode along to take harvestings to the elevator for train-dumping (and was told with the strictest force to not even think of opening the door or I'd fall down into the pit!) My grandparents also had chickens and for some odd reason, all us kids LOVED wading through the chicken poop to get the eggs! Ahh, those were the days.

Anyhow, onto the good stuff! Here are pictures of some of the foods we ate this past weekend, every bit of it home grown!

First, the tomatoes! I am 100% convinced after this weekend that our friend, Mike, doesn't like tomatoes because he's lived in Florida too long! He moved here when he was a freshmen in high school and one cannot buy great tomatoes here. They are all mealy, overripe and have absolutely no taste! No wonder. But look at these babies! Husband and I nearly ate this entire basket in the few days we were up north. Most of the time, we ate them like apples - so juicy and tasty, dripping down your chin. I miss much!

And then there's the potatoes, fresh from the dirt (and scrubbed thoroughly) and then fried up for some yummy goodness!

Fresh ears of corn, eaten as nature intended, right off the cob.

We will not eat canned green beans for weeks! After eating freshly picked green beans, it's impossible to go back. Even though my grandparents had a farm, I was not grown on the farm and my dad actually cooked quite a few non-"meat & potatoes" meals. We had a lot of yummy international cuisine at my house, which leads me into....

The first time I ever made dinner for husband, I ended up in tears. I made green beans with a lemon rosemary herb and husband proceeded to look at them and say "Where is the bacon and why are there weeds in my beans!!!" Now, I will not eat green beans any other way except for this!

We also had T-bone steaks...yep, you guessed, butchered from off the farm. I will not go into details here.

For dessert, my favorite, Gooseberry cobbler! Have you ever heard of a gooseberry? If you love sour and sweet, you'll love this cobbler. Gooseberries are smaller than cherries with a green/red tougher skin and very sour fruit. Mixed with a sweet Bisquick cobbler, you can only imagine! I beg my mother-in-law on every visit to make this for me!

Are you salivating yet? More pictures to come including of Lallie's new pair of Pink John Deere boots! Here's a teaser, aren't they cute?

Have a great Friday everyone!



  1. Mmm I love gooseberries!
    I have a lovely pot of gooseberry jam in my pantry waiting for the cooler weather and some cozy breakfasts :O)

  2. Hey! I emailed you the sizes of the ornaments...not sure if you got it!
    mini-2 inch, small-3 inch, large-4 inch..I hope that helps!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!
    xoxo - ppg

  3. Oooh, we love this post! (Notwithstanding the husband's reaction to your first-ever green beans!) It looks so plaid and beautiful, just as we remember it form visits years ago... it is a slice of heaven Miss Southern Living. Sigh. :)

  4. Love the photos!
    And, yes, that is the best way to eat green beans!!

  5. Love the pictures!! After living out in the country for so long I forget why I love it so much....thanks for helping me remember! Cant wait to see more pictures and love the boots! = )

  6. Those tomatoes look know the tomatoes we get here in Florida are just fake:) Your green beans look soooo good!