Thursday, November 5, 2009

H1N1 - Lallie finally got it!

Last night, the whole family waited in a long, long, long line to receive the first of Lallie's two H1N1 vaccinations. We were towards the end of the line and by time we got to the front, we were told they had seen over 800 children up to that point (6 months to 24 years old). We waited 2.5 hours. Husband brought Lallie a happy meal for dinner and when a restroom is not readily available and your potty-training child needs to go, they don't understand that it's okay to go in their diaper which was very upsetting for her (I put a diaper on her just for this purpose). When we got inside, she was thrilled to see a restroom. We got home quite late and Lallie had issues getting to sleep. She did NOT want to cooperate with me, no matter how soothing I tried to be. Husband was able to calm her down (she's kind-of in a daddy mode right now, she was in mommy-mode).

We are not usually ones to freak out over things of this sort (well, sort of, I mean this is our child, so of course we're nervous, but you know what I mean). Many more people have become sick and/or died from regular flu than swine flu. However, we were told by the pediatrician that every child he's seen in his office who has had asthma and has contracted swine flu has ended up in the hospital, regardless of their stage (caught early or late). Lallie has asthma, so we're not taking any chances. There have been too many kids in our area that have swine flu.

Thankfully, Lallie's school has a zero-tolerance policy for sickness right now. You will not walk into her school and see 1/2 sick kids without a fever with copious amounts of snout coming out of their nose or lots of coughing. They won't tolerate it right now. Therefore, even a cold has been scarce there. (knock on wood). The teachers are really wonderful during this whole flu season.

We did talk with friends, family, researched the vaccine, talked with her pediatrician and the decision was just unanimous, she must get it. We worried a little bit about the mercury, but there is no more than what's in a can of tuna fish (per the dr.) and she's already had the MMR, and she's fine. In addition, considering Husband and I got ALL our vaccines with mercury as kids, the risks are quite low (and not yet proven yet?) Anyways, the benefits way outweigh the risks.

So, now we wait for 28 days before she can get her next dose. Hopefully it will be in the drs. office by then and we won't have to stand in line. Until then, she is still very susceptible and we have to be careful.

Lallie was an absolute trooper during the whole night. It was definately tough for her as well as on mommy and daddy. Husband and I barely spoke a word last night to each other after she went to bed - just relaxing and letting the day go.


  1. They are supposed to vaccinating our children in school. Forms were sent out. The health dept is doing it. BUT, last I read in our local paper three cities in my immediate area (one being the city I live in) has stopped the vaccinations due to a shortage. We cannot go to the health dept's free clinics offering the vaccination either because my children are not home-schooled or in daycare or whatever else they require. My peds office isn't offering the vaccination yet and if I can get out of paying two separate co-pays (one for each child) then why not, right??

    Good for Lallie for being so brave! My 8 y/o daughter is terrified of needles.

    I have a zero tolerance for sickness, too. I will not send my children to school if they are even running the slightest fever & I certainly don't go to work if I'm not feeling well. Some think I'm slack...I just think I'm considerate of others. ;-)

  2. You're lucky. We just put our names on a list at the peds' office. No guarantees. I am very worried about my little man. He was a preemie and is very susceptible to everything. I just hope we can get one soon.

    Glad it went well for you.

  3. Seersucker Scrapper - I hope your luck with that turns around, I know how you are feeling.

    Michelle - our clinics were for anyone 6 mos. to 24 years without a school requirement, but I know they have been changing dates like crazy because of shortages. And no, you are NOT slacking! It never fails that if someone is sick in our office, everyone else gets it (transfer of papers, supplies etc.) I too have a zero tolerance, it's just respectful to others.

  4. You said that kids have snout coming out of their noses. SNOT not SNOUT. They aren't little piggys!

    Love you,


  5. I wish our preschool had a zero tolerence rule. I think that's such a good idea. Good for you for getting the vac. We don't have it here yet.

  6. YAY for Lallie and YAY for you two for surviving too. My minis are getting it next week. Such a long and frustrating wait, shot, and the thoughts of should I do it, shouldn't I do it, etc.

    Hope things are back to normal today.

  7. my little one is supposed to get it next week - I am honestly still concerned but think i will be getting her the shot.

  8. Glad she was able to get it. My daughter has had H1N1 for 7 days and almost wound up in the ER with a secondary infection and she has no underlying conditions.

    I think you made the right decision.

    Here's to staying healthy!

  9. Bless little Lallie's heart for being such a trooper! From what I'm hearing, a lot of children are getting this flu and the vacc's are scarce!