Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hodge Podge

How sweet! Mrs. Wendy over at Madras and Pearls was kind enough to pass along this lovely blog award to me. I love Madras and Pearls, we have commented on each others blogs since the beginning of mine nearly a year ago and we've emailed on a few occassions. She's a genuine person, currently struggling with job seeking, all while doing so with class and her pearl studs! Plus, she's a fellow Floridian, so I hope to one day meet her! I just love Mrs. Wendy, she's one of my favorite reads! She's got great posts and tips on interior decorating too (most of them super easy for the "wanna-bes" like me! Hop on over and visit her.

The rules are to post 10 random things about yourself and then pass on to 10 other deserving bloggers. (We did something similar last night for a JL ice-breaker, I think I'll steal from those!)

1. I secretely want to be a pilot - not just any pilot, an Air Force pilot! The thought of being in a jet, flying at unbelievable speed, ust thrills me. Of course, this will never happen, but I have great respect for those in the Air Force, and any armed forces for that matter, right now!
2. I am a flavored Coffee-mate junkie (I currently have 4 different flavors at my office). I'm telling you, this is why I cannot get rid of the baby-gut, all those tablespoon(SSSSSS) of Coffee-mate a day is going right to my belly.
3. My family has a dog named, U.K. He was 3 when we got him and his name was Yukon. Everyone kept asking if we were U of Conn. fans. Not that we don't like UConn, we're just die-hard Kentucky fans. He wouldn't respond to anything else, so it morphed into U.K.
4. I LOVE college FOOTBALL!!! I had to teach my husband the rules as he'd never watched it when I met him (how could this be I wondered considering he went to U.K.) I get very vocal too.

5. Today I'm wearing black and white polka dots, on my shirt, and my shoes. Here's a picture, aren't they cute (and yes, they're heels and my hip is not going to be thanking me later!

6. I can't use a regular calculator, it throws me off (I can't do 10-9 = 1). I have to use an accounting calculator (10 = 9 - to get the answer one), and I do so at incredible speeds.
7. I was a pharmacy technician in college and can still remember most generic names matched up with brand names and pronounce them (except the new drugs). I have NO clue what they do though.
8. I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease. It's an auto-immune disease and was the unfortunate cause of four miscarriages. I am now medicated and fine and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter!

9. New things I've found that I love: the Mom Agenda - this is fantastic for combining my work and personal calander, I can't use two - too complicated! My friend Ashleigh got me hooked on this heel therapy lotion from Target for $5.99 in the Dr. Scholl's section, not the lotion section. It's fabulous! I have recently, through many bloggers/twitter people, discoverd more about the Clarsonic, and I want one! Last but not least, Dry Shampoo - I have very thin/fine hair. Washing too often dries it out, washing too little makes it greasy. The dry shampoo powder from Oscar Blandi at Sephora is my favorite as it doesn't leave a white residue.

10. We are going to the Keys in January with my parents. Sad really, we've lived in South Florida for 8.5 years and have NEVER been to the Florida Keys. We're super excited!
Okay, I'm not being lazy here. I truly did look at all my blogs trying to figure out who to give this too and I couldn't decide (I wrote this about an hour ago and have been surfing the blogs since - "bad girl - you're at work!!")

So, if you blog, you get this....I love all the blogs, I can't pick just ten. Now, I MUST get to work!



  1. Ok I threaten to sign up for pilot school weekly, wouldn't that be fun!! Your trip to the keys sounds delightful, what a fun adventure to look forward to!

  2. I love your list and Congratulations on your award. Those shoes are fabulous. Your hip will not thank you later, but surely it can't hold a grudge forever. You'll have a grat time in the Keys. Mr. and I went just before Mini #2 was born.

    Have a great day!

  3. Yay, another college football girl! But, you had to bring your husband to football? Is he one of those pro-only guys?

  4. The keys are such a blast!!! You are always guaranteed to see TONS of Lilly!!

  5. You are most welcome!

    I love the list and those shoes...

  6. I have to respond to these comments!

    H&HB - yes - I would sign up for pilot school with you, my husband would (in fact, his dream is to buy a put togther in your backyard plane and me be his co-pilot! LOL!)

    MLG - I went to the chiropractor today and he scolded me for the heels but I just looked at him with my hand waving back and forth between my polka dot shirt and shoes. He didn't get it!!! Hip is holding up well though!

    JG - yes, love the football and no, he'd never watched any football at all, so I had to teach him 1st down and everything! Which is strange considering I'm the one who went to the college without a football team.

    Black Labs - and I will be sporting all my Lilly while I'm there :-)

    Love you Miss Wendy!!

  7. Oh, what a fun trip to the Keys in January will be! Okay I am dying over your shoes! I hate to ask this but where did you get those beauties? They are to die for! I love polka dots!

  8. I love you! You are so cute. I love flavored coffee mate too. Wish you were here more than you know! xoxo