Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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I love magazines. I read all the greats, Town & Country, Beautiful House, Coastal Living, Southern Living, Real Simple and there's one more. All You.

I disoverd this magazine in Wal-Mart one day and picked it up. It is the best magazine for just a regular ole' working mommy-wife as it is down to earth and really actually pertains to me...and my budget. It's filled with grea t coupons, recipes, articles, shopping tips, make-up and fashion tips etc. Please stop and get one. It's only $2.74 and I know you'll love it.

This month, they had a spread on gifts for the women, men, kids and pets in your life, whether they are co-workers (if you're a vet!), for a yankee swap or for family and friends. They had some great, budget friendly ideas.

First, I'll start with her (and Husband...I would not be adverse to any of these :-)

Gloveables from ($14.99 / pair). They have them in every color combination you could possibly imagine. How about a different p air for every day of the week!

Or maybe a robe in Twinklzzz from Sleepyheads.

Or maybe a Flower-bud scarf from Cold Water Creek. (I had to scan and photoshop this picture because I wanted to show it all wrapped up like a flower bud. You could do this with any scarf!

Moving on to the men. They didn't have that great of a spread of ideas, but I thought this was pretty cute and funny. The Shave the Planet kit for men, complete with shaving cream, moisturizer, bar of soap and a massage bar, all from

For the teenager or "coming of age" girl, I thought these were pretty cute. Glam Girl Eyebrow Tweezers at $4.00 each are so cute!

For the toddlers, I love these meal time face plates from I want these for my daughter (number 1 because we don't have any plates for her and she broke one of my other ones the other day and number 2, maybe she'll actually eat!)

Of course, we must not forget the pets. I've always wanted a teesny, tiny dog that I will sit on my lap in the evenings, fit into a little hand bag and wear cute little outfits like this. It's a little backpack hoodie from Oh My Dog Supplies. The little cat puzzle box is from (which I love CSN stores).


  1. I have to check out this magazine! Thanks for the heads up about it!

    And, could that Boston Terrier be any cuter in that outfit??

  2. I keep seeing those plates and I soooo want one for my little guy - I just need to find someone who wants to share a set!

  3. those plates are adorable... as are the gloves and the tweezers as well!