Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Here's a few pictures of our house and our Halloween weekend!

Lallie and I made Christmas ornaments this weekend. She loved helping. She picked out the colors and then held the ornament while I inserted the paint. Later, she helped me turn them. Thanks Lis Loves for the idea! They turned out great (sort of....too much paint, need to do another trial!)

Here's Lallie with her little pumpkin and another Dollar shirt from target with the little hair bow things. I just love that little hair things.

Our walkway on Halloween night.

Lallie really did not want to put on her costume at first, it took a little bribing. Once it was on, she was fine. She was a Princess (Tinkerbell, but we couldn't say Tinkerbell because she was a princess!). The outfit was a 2T size and since Lallie is only 22 pounds, I had to cut out 5 inches of material, re-sew it together and then raise the arms. It took a while, but was totally worth it!

Thanks to Tales of a Short Southern Momma, I tried to make these hair bows again. I was much more successful this time. I took the green ribbons out, so it was just pink and used them for Sunday Church as well.

Daddy and Lallie chatting about the trick-or-treaters that just left.

This picture was from Sunday morning. I was trying to get a picture of her in this dress. Granny bought it for her when she was only a few months old, it's a size 12 months. It just now fits, at 2.5 years of age and was still a little big. I never got a great picture of the whole dress, but Granny (and all the other grandparents) care about the face so much more!


  1. She is too cute! Glad you had a great Halloween. Was it hot enough here in FLA? I am still treating bug bites from Sat.

  2. OMG Wendy, yes! It was so hot and my feet are so eaten up by the no-see-'ems that I've been carrying after-bite with me since! Fall holidays here just aren't the same. I was hoping Lallie would have to wear tights and a turtleneck! Never our luck, eh?

  3. OMG She is absolutely gorgeous. I love her hair w/ all the ribbons for her costume. So fun! And the picture w/ Daddy? Precious! What a great family you have been blessed with.

  4. She is just too cute!

    I love your walkway!

  5. So funny to see you in shorts and tank tops on Halloween!

  6. Oh how precious! Love those cute lil shirts and bows.

  7. She looks absolutely adorable for Halloween! I love the little ribbons in her hair. I also love the photo of Daddy and his little girl!