Friday, February 19, 2010

The Eco-Friendly Bag.....Gone Oh So Colorful!

I am simply in love with these bags.  I love eco-friendly bags.  I try to remember my Publix brand bags whenever I go to the store but always forget.  And I don't dare walk into Nordstrom carrying a Publix brand bag, right?

Well, The Love List posted a blog about these bags yesterday.  I'll admit, when I first so them, I thought, these are not going to fit my wallet (or my Lenten sacrifice, but hey, there's my website list waiting for me :-)

Nope, these are very affordable and come in all different sizes.

These are from Mixed Bag Designs and come in all sorts of sizes (pictures are all courtesey of their website).

This is the Department Store bag in Carribean Pineapple for $12.00

The Grocery Store bag in Sunshine Gerber Daisy for $12.00

The Drugstore bag in Newport Links for $8.00

The Hold Everything Tote in Seaside Gerber Daisy for $19.00

The Box Store bag in for $16.00

Sign me up please, I want one of each!


  1. I saw these on The Love List yesterday too! I have been on the search for a decent size bag to use for groceries. I use the Publix bags too, but I'd rather have one bag to carry to my condo then a few or make two trips! They're so cute too!

  2. All of those bags are too cute!

  3. Very cute! Home Goods has some pretty ones too.

  4. I love eco-friendly bags and these are just so cute! I NEED that pineapple one! Thanks for sharing your great find!!

  5. I just got some of the Lilly Pulitzer Market Totes...they're amazing, adds a little Pink to being green!

  6. Those are so cute! I probably already have too many bags though. Maybe..