Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

Husband and I decided this year to spend on Lallie instead of on each other.  So, I went out and got a bag-o-goodies for Lallie and we had a fun time opening her gifts!

It's a lot of fun shopping for her now because we really know her personality and the things that she would love to have and play with over and over again.  She received a big balloon, which she carried everywhere.  She also received a nifty heart-shaped sippy cup with a curly straw, dog and cat stickers, a pink fluffy heart pillow, a princess dress-up toy, bubbles, pom poms and suckers.

She loved everything!  The stickers are one of her favorite.  Thankfully, she knows that stickers only go on paper......or.....

on your face!!  I was in this picture too with stickers all over my face, but mornings without makeup are scary, so I'm cropped out! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


  1. I could just eat her up! Lallie is PRECIOUS!

  2. How Cute! My mom always made a big deal out of Valentines day for us and it was wonderful:0) She will appreciate it even more when she gets older!

  3. too cute girl! xoxo

  4. She is so adorable!! I love the stickers :P

  5. Bless her heart...she looks so precious!

  6. Love it ~ that sweet smile says it all! Hope you all had a great day together.