Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend in pictures, with short captions.

Seafood Fesitval where we found lots of great crafts including these adorable little ceramic shoes. Handmade to hold business cards or your cell phone.  Aren't they adorable? And only for $8.00!

Lallie experienced her first snow cone!

Exhausted little girl!

Saturday afternoon, we watched the Cats play Vandy.

Have to throw in a picture of UK's biggest fan, our golden retriever, "UK"

Lallie loves her new Radio Flyer scooter!  She can't reach the peddles on her tricycle yet because she's so short, so this was a great alternative.

Sunday night, we had our friends over for dinner.  Turner made himself at home at our table (we didn't have enough chairs for all of us since we're still furnishing our new home).

Merritt and Turner had a great time playing with Lallie and Lallie enjoyed showing them around her playroom.

Hope you all had a fun weekend too!


  1. You guys have too much fun! I love all the big smiles :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Even with a few bumps and scratches your little lady is adorable! Lovin her cheer outfit.


  3. Lallie is just so darn cute!!!!! :)

  4. What adorable photos, Lallie is cuter every time I see her. The scooter is too fun!

    Sending you a smile,