Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics

I noticed yesterday that Google changed their picture heading to a stadium (not sure whos) and Olympic symbol.  I noticed people tweeting and blogging about the games, but I honestly did not believe that they were happening.  I thought all the hype was they had just awarded Vancouver the right to have the Olympics in the years to come.

I obviously do not keep up with Olympic news. 

Today, as I'm reading through blogs, I noticed that Seersucker Scrapper said she was super excited about the opening ceremonies tonight.  I continued reading and then..... Wait, Hold the Phone....TONIGHT???  Did I miss something?

Has it really been a year and a half since Michael Phelps blew everyone away in his swimming feats?  Has is really been a year and a half since the Chinese gymnast contreversy?  Has it been a year and a half since an unprecented 85 countries received medals in the summer Olympics?

Wow!  I am absolutely floored.  I truly am.  Not because I'm thrilled to watch the Olympics, I've always loved them so I'm excited I get to watch them.  But there's another point here.

I have completely and totally lost my sense of time since Lallie was born in 2007 and this was one of those "V8" moments, where I got bopped in the head and had to step back and say - WOW!  Lallie was only a year old at the last Olympics.  I remember getting her to bed before the opening ceremonies.

Time needs to slow down, rather, I need to step back and smell the roses!  I'll start tonight, by watching the Opening Ceremonies, enjoying a glass of wine, and starting off the Valentine's Day weekend with a relaxing evening!

Sounds good, right?


  1. Came across your blog and had to say hi, because my name is Jennifer and my mother's maiden name is Lally (slight variation of your daughter's name). Thought that was too funny! Your blog is great.
    Take care,

  2. Time does fly, doesn't it. Wine and the opening ceremonies sounds perfect!

  3. Cute post... and I'm looking forward to the opening ceremonies too!

  4. I saw on the internet today that a luger from Georgia (the country not the state) died during warm-ups today. That made me incredibly sad. It was a freak accident. He went over the track and into an unpadded pole. As of the time the article was posted it was undecided whether or not the rest of the athletes from Georgia would stay to participate in the Games or not. It made me sick to my stomach to read. :-(

  5. I am probably 1 in a million that don't watch it.

    Although the accident that happened today just about made my heart stop, As Ashleigh stated above. It just made me sick. Just in a split second, all while living his dream. ugh God Bless him & his family, friends and all that viewed that. :(