Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lallie's Vision of Crafting

This is one of our guest bedrooms.  Nothing exciting, a bed-in-a-bag, just to have something in there.  It is my craft room, where I've been completing all my sewing (you can't see my desk).


And this is Lallie has had to opportunity to craft with me.
I turned my  back to my desk (which is against the wall) for a total of two, maybe three minutes.  She was playing with a puzzle when I turned.  After three minutes, every one of my ribbon spools had been dragged out of their drawers and completely unwound.
 You can see some of the toys that she had strung out, not big deal.
But I guess mommy's fabrics and ribbons are so much more fun!!
She was actually tangled in multiple strands of ribbon however, by the time I'd gotten my camera, she had wiggled free.
 It took about 30 minutes to clean up what she destroyed in a matter of seconds!

 But, hey.....she had fun, so how could I be mad! :-)

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