Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nail, Lent, Lallie Updates

Sorry for my lack of posting this week.  It's been a little crazy at work.  But, it is time for an update on a few things I posted last week.

(1) The Nailene nails have been on for one week and they have been wonderful!  They have held up well, only one popped off while I was cleaning Sunday, but I glued it back on a presto...perfect!  I'm very happy with these.  Next time I will get Kiss nails though, I've heard those are even better!

(2) Lent - I have completed zero shopping for unnecessary things.  I am quite amazed with myself in the willpower I've had.  And it really wasn't all that hard.  Now, another 5 weeks and we're golden.
As for complaining, I've been better but far from perfect.  I told you about a co-worker that I'm trying not to let get to me.  Well, let me telly you, I have been T.E.S.T.E.D this week for sure!  Thankfully Husband has been supportive.  I still need work in other areas though.  One thing is for sure, we've had a great week and trying not to complain has cut down on bad moods, arguments etc. etc.
The Bible.  I have not started.  Shame shame on me.  Will work on.  Pray for me!

(3)  Lallie - oh my, where to begin.
  • She's singing the ABC song, and in tune
  • She has started using the words "yours," "mine," "ours," "we."  Instead of referring to "Mommy's such-n-such" and "Lallie's such-n-such," she's using the other words. Literally happened overnight.
  • She is quite the puzzle doer.  She is working on 24 - 48 piece puzzles (not the shapes, actual puzzles).  It take her a while, but with a little verbal instruction, she does fantastic
  • She's afraid of the tiger in the bathtub (I don't know.)
  • She LOVES popcorn, she can't get enough of it
  • She loves her new Radio Flyer scooter (she wants to ride her tricycle so bad, but she's still too short)
  • She adores America's Funniest Home Videos, especially the animals, and she'll often say "ahhh man!" when someone falls on their rear.
(4) Husband - he thinks he's funny.  Here's an exchange from this morning.
Him:  Your butt looks small.  Hmmm.
Me:  (snide look)
Him:  I mean, those pants make it look really small.
Me:  Honey, that's not a compliment.
Him:  Well, it does.  It looks good.
Me:  You realize you're saying my butt looks big every other day.
Him:  I didn't mean that.
Me: Well, that's what it sounded like.
Him:  Okay, your butt is so small today, it's vanishing.
Me:  (big smile and walk over and kiss him).
Him:  (roll eyes and wipes sweat off forehead).
Lallie: Daddy's so funny!
A self-taking picture from our trip to the park this weekend.  After the park, daddy announced he had a surprise for Lallie and I.  Lallie guessed toys, kitty cat and shoes (yes, shoes.  Uh oh.).  The surprise was really ice cream!

Have a fantastic day!!!


  1. TOO CUTE!! I'm totally going on a shopping ban March 1 - and will last until April ... but oh, do new lights count?? EEK!

  2. Adorable. Good for you with the shopping ban. I could never do it. You'll have to let me in on your secret!

  3. Lallie is such a super cute girl!

    Hang in there with your co-worker I know it can be hard...

    I'm doing okay with the envy thing so far.... I've had my moments of jealousy, but it's really been helpful to talk about it.... I also haven't been great about creating a habit around spending time in the word... and my fitness habits have fallen apart.... we're going on a trip this weekend for a surprise b-day party that I'm planning for the girl I envy, so it will definitely be testing me, and I'm feeling pretty drained because of the party planning..... I'm hoping once this weekend is over I'll feel more like everything is coming back to normal

  4. Left you a blog award, drop by and see it when you get the chance

  5. Kids are so funny.. its amazing to see them grow and learn.
    I decided to join you in giving up shopping, but with a twist. No Random trips to Target....
    Good luck with the co worker issue.

  6. I think she gets the popcorn thing from her godmother. I can eat my weight in popcorn every night. Love you guys. :-)

  7. I so admire you for giving up the shopping for Lent! Oh the will power I envy!!

  8. Cute, cute, cute...even if your butt is vanishing! LOL