Friday, June 3, 2011

Anchors Away!

What's a new boat without some coordinating fashion?

During a recent trip to Target, I ran across this too-too cute bikini.  And at $14.99 each, my recently depleted wallet didn't scream!  Heehee....  Aren't these cute?

Except mine are navy with white on top with navy blue anchors.
Couldn't find the picture online.

So, what else does a boater need?  Totes of course!!
How about the L.L. Bean Boat-N-Tote with the name of the boat embroidered on it? 
That would be fun!
(We think we have a name, but we're not disclosing it yet, until we 100% decide.  It's super cute!)

As for sandals, Sperry Top-Sider Sandals of course!  Like we even have to think about that one for a second!

For little Lallie, one must look cute in AND out of the water.  All of these precious items are from Kelly's Kids (geez, I LOVE that shop!)

Of course, we also need towels, sunglass straps, hats, sunscreen (organic Earth's Best please!), drinks and coozies for said drinks, food, chairs for the sandbar.  Shew!  Good thing we have LARGE tote bags!

So, we're headed out to the sandbar this weekend.  It's been too long sandbar and ocean, we've missed you!  Look for fabulous pictures on Monday in our fabulous nautical gear!  Until then, have a great weekend!

Of course, none of this is Lilly....shocking. But now worries, living in South Florida means that our family has quite the collection of swimwear. I'll be sure to post a blog on Boating in Lilly very soon!

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. OMG!! I was just looking at those Sperry Jellies this morning! TOOO CUTEEEEE!! :) Happy weekend honey! xoxo

  2. I love those Sperrys!! I was thinking about the jack jellies, but I like the sperrys a lot!

  3. BTW, where's the macaroni and cheese recipe?!?!?

  4. That seersucker bathing suit is precious! We need those in our size!

  5. Enjoy! Boating on the East Coast has to be a blast! Love the accessories you picked up too!

  6. I love Boat N Totes and thikn it's such a great idea to put the boat's name on it!