Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My new iPhone

Hello y'all from my new iPhone! I am typing on the BloggerPlus app and so far, so good!

I've been using the Droid for about 18 months now and it was an awful experience! Dropped calls, constant misspellings and lately there had been non-stop forced closure of applications. When I didn't receive emails or phone calls all weekend but walked into my office yesterday morning to find 3 missed calls and 25 emails, I knew something was up. I went to the trusty Verizon dealer where they did a master reset to which the phone got worse and wouldn't respond at all!

Since the phone was out of warranty, here I am with an iPhone 4 and I am THRILLED! It types perfectly, understands what I'm trying to spell and I haven't had one dropped call and I've received all emails and texts, no issues. Yay! And kudos to Verizon for working this out for me speedily! I can't work without a phone since I'm on the road a lot.

So I'm curious all you iPhone users.... What are your favorite fun and hip apps? Of course I have Facebook, goodreads and fooducate (which is super nifty if you're into label reading at the grocery store like me).

So tell me. I want to know!

Don't forget about What's in it Wednesday tomorrow! Be ready to show us your bag/purse and product reviews! I will have Mr. Linky ready for you too!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Kindle! Words with Friends, Amazon, Target, IMDB, Flikster, CloudTalk, ESPN Score Center.

    Rock On!

  2. There's a monogram app that people love, but I still have a droid. I have some issues with email and some dropped calls. I can't wait to get the iphone in a couple months! Glad you love it!!!

  3. Wooo hooo!!! Yay for you lovey! I just got mine two weeks ago and am SO HAPPY to finally be an iPhone user after YEARS of being a BB user (which I still have just for work). I love Google Reader, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, OpenTable, Shazam, Hipstamatic, Words with Friends :) Looking forward to other blogger comments on what are the best apps! Enjoy your new phone (and order your Lilly case from Preppy Princess ASAP!)

  4. Was your contract up? My Droid has been doing the SAME thing. I am missing phone calls and text messages and I'm really getting irritated. But I don't want to have to pay like $800 for an iphone. I will get one when my contract is up though. How did you end up getting an iphone?

  5. Yay! I am loving my iPhone. Soooo much better than my old Droid!

  6. I just got the iPhone also!!! You have to download HeyTell - it's a voice messenger. My friends and I are loving it. Will have to check back for other suggestions, I have a similar post in the works for this week too. Yay for iPhones!

  7. You will love it.
    I love the Urbanspoon & Shazam apps. I also have a few for workouts.

  8. Yippee! I don't know how anyone can live without an iPhone! It is so user-friendly it's ridiculous.
    My most used apps are my Echophon for Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, TV Guide, Fandango, eBay, Southwest, and then I make my own little icons for frequently visited sites such as Bloomingdales...yes, I shop from my iPhone. ;)
    xo G