Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big News!!

Big News! 

Auntshleigh is ENGAGED!!!!! 

It happened on Saturday night at around 10:00 p.m. I was sitting in bed reading when my phone started buzzing and when I looked down, my heart jumped.  We all knew an engagement was coming, but the big question was, when?  And, the only reason Ashleigh would be calling me at 10:00 on a Saturday night was if she were engaged.  And it had just happened!!  After her parents, I was second on the phone call list so it literally had happened ten minutes before! 

It's a wonder I didn't wake Lallie and I'm sure everyone on the planet could here my screaming for joy!  Husband was estactic too but telling me to "chill out and be quiet."
Let me tell you, it's hard to keep quiet when your best friend just called to tell you she's engaged.  I'm pretty sure she reacted the same way when I told her!

Her voice was still shaky and she was talking a mile a minute, but it was one sweet moment and Ashleigh was totally and completely surprised.  Matt had said that it would happen when she was least expecting it and he most definately pulled it off!  In short form, the story goes like this:
Ashleigh and Matt, like most couples, play the "I love you more" game.  You know, the game where one says "I love you" and the other says "I love you more" and the game continues for a few sentences?  Well, Ashleigh apparently always wins this game.  That morning, Matt asked her if he would be allowed to win the game on the day they got engaged to which Ashleigh replied yes without really thinking about it (which knowing Ashleigh and analyzing everything, I'm surprised she didn't pick up on it a little bit). 
Matt had clued Ashleigh that the engagement wouldn't happen until her parents were in town (which they weren't), so Ashleigh was completely surprised when Matt asked her to come outside for some fresh air, reminded her about the game from that morning and then got down on one knee.  The rest is history and ladies we have a wedding to plan!  

Some of Ashleigh and Matt's friends were there for the occasion, so that's why we have these wonderful pictures to share (thank you Amy!)  And let me tell you, her ring is
GORGEOUS and exactly what she has hoped. 

I am so completely over the moon with happiness for my bestie.  She's waited a long time for the man of her dreams and we all knew from the first few weeks that Matt was "the one."

Congratulations Matt and Ashleigh, I love you guys and can't wait to share in this special day with you!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rock on!

  2. Aweeeeeeeeee

    That is awesome!!!!!!

    Hope your having a great week:)

  3. That is sooo exciting! Nothing like a good, sweet, romatic engagement story!

  4. Yippeeee--I remember you posting about her wanting to get engaged a few weeks ago!

  5. Oh! How exciting! I love engagement stories and wedding rings and sharing the exciting news! My little brother proposed to his girlfriend last week - it's so exciting! Please tell your friend congrats from the blogging community!

  6. That is so exciting! Congratulations to Ashleigh!

  7. Awww!! Congrats to Ashleigh!!

  8. OH, YAY! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!