Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's In It Wednesday: Closet

It is time for our first edition of What's In It Wednesday. 

As y'all know, my blog is a hodge podge of family, fashion, books and random.  I don't have a particular theme but I love to blog and love reading blogs.  However, I've been lacking for content lately.

So, after quite a few emails over the past year or so saying "I'd love to see what's in your closet" or "I'd love to see what's in your bag" (which I've done a couple of times over the past couple years, but it's always changing), I thought it'd be fun to start up What's In It Wednesday!

You can participate each Wednesday if you like and link up.  And if not, it doesn't bother me.  It just gives a chance for me to show what I'm loving right now in my closet, purse, workout bag, shower, pantry etc. 

So instead of random posts here and there, you'll get a weekly edition of what I'm loving.  
This week I'm starting with my closet!

This is my side of the closet (yes, I know that I am one lucky girl....sad thing is, my closet is almost bigger than my kitchen.  This would be a problem if I cooked, but I don't, so yay me!)
No it's not glamorous and decorated.  It's a closet (though I would love something other
than a wire shelving system. Yuck!)

And this is Husband's side!
Just kidding, his closet is on the other side of the hall, this is just his decades old
bureau for socks, belts and tshirts.

Shirts organized by Lilly, button downs, polos, short sleeve tees and cardis. Can you tell
which is the Lilly section?

Dresses and coats.  I honestly don't wear many dresses or coats. 
I'm a skirts, capris and shorts girl.
Pants, capris and skirts.  Organized by color and Lilly, again. 
I just like keeping the bright Lilly colors together.
The few winter clothes I own, on the bottom shoved into the back.  South Florida girls don't have too many winter clothes per se, but they are capris, skirts and pants in winter colors.  Make sense?

SHOES!!!!  When I winterized, I downsized my shoe collection big-time. 
I got rid of a lot of old shoes that either I don't wear or are worn out.  Closets tend to collect things and be kept for too long.
The next two pictures are the top of my closet.   Here is my preserved wedding dress, old pictures, Lallie's Easter basket that I haven't stored yet AND see those two antique chairs in red, white and yellow?
Those are the chairs that will be painted pink for Lallie's room.

My wrapping paper station!  It's a Home Depot bucket with a pocketed skirt holding tape,
tags, ribbons and other supplies.  Nifty huh?

Name one Lilly collector that doesn't have a Lilly bag where one collects Lilly tags.  I have discovered several other bloggers that do the same.  It's silly, I know. But I just can't stop myself.

This is my great grandmother's antique chair, that I think (not sure) was handed down from her mother.
The seat needs to be repaired and the cushions covered.  It's on my list of "things to do."  But for now, it's perfect for my closet when I need to peruse and think about what to wear, to put on shoes OR to just sit and think when I need a moment to *breathe*.

My overloaded rack of everyday totes, scarfs and my Susan Tancer handbag (the handpainted one on top, isn't it cute?)  The other totes I don't use as often are up top on the other side of my closet.
Of course, my pink U of K hat and pink fluffy robe hang here as well.

So that's a tour of my closet.  I hope you enjoyed!

Next week, your handbag.  So mark your calendars if you want to participate! 
I'll add a Mr. Linky next week. 


On another subject entirely, Oh Happy Day is giving away a trip to Paris!  Yes, a seven day airfare and hotel included trip to Paris!  Ummmm, yes please!  Not that I'll win, but can't help but try.  If anything Oh Happy Day is just a fun blog to read and super crafty.  In addition, with Ashleigh and her wedding planning, the blog has some fabulous ideas there as well!  Check the blog and the giveaway out HERE!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. I love the what's in it wednesday idea! I love seeing how people organize things.

  2. Oooh, I really like this idea! I'll have to be sure and get my post ready for next Wednesday and do my handbag. I always enjoy looking though other people's closets! Girl, I've got a bag of Lilly Tags (somewhere) and a glass container of Tibi tags. Silly, right?!

  3. The contents are great, but I'm also super impressed with your closet itself. I wish I had one that big!

  4. Hannah - I KNEW I wasn't the only person that collected tags!

  5. Love that you have a chair in your closet! Sometimes you just need to take a rest from styling :-) Will look forward to next Wednesday!

  6. Ha, I don't collect tags but I will say I have the hardest time throwing away my lovely Lilly shopping bags! And I would die for a big closet like that!

  7. I have wondered if other people had closets organized like mine. Thanks for the tour!!

  8. How fun! Love seeing other people's closets!

    I don't keep the tags, but I keep my bags!!


  9. I love how organized you closet is. I totally forgot to clean my closet up so I could join up. Hopefully next week.