Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Hello Y'all!

Where have I been the past couple weeks?

  1. Helping plan Ashleigh's wedding
  2. Working (crazy schedule right now at work)
  3. Hosting company (my mother in law was here for a week helping take care of Lallie during the one-week break between school and summer sessions)
  4. BOATING!!!
  5. SWIMMING!!!
  6. Planning Lallie's fourth birthday party (she's been quite specific in her wishes....and so it begins!)
  7. Playing with my sweet, sweet Lallie.  (Note to self:  by more Crayola paint supplies).
  8. AND - last and certainly least (notice the lack of the word NOT), lacking blog content. 
Lately, I've been lacking content and just haven't been interested in finding content in which to post.  I think I'm taking a little break and will post when I have something interesting to say about Lallie or about Ashleigh's wedding (IF she'll let me post non-specific details about her wedding.  There may be a poll or too needed to help her decide something!).  I will continue to post crafts, recipes and Lallie stories here and there, but I think I'm going to just take a break this summer and pick everything back up in the fall.  Finding blog content is just not as high on my list right now as other things.

Sound like a plan? OKAY!  That being said, I was bad this weekend and didn't take a single picture. I know!  Shocking right?  So, I promise to do better on that front so those of you looking back home can keep after Blondie-Joe (as her grandaddy calls her).

Happy Monday Y'all!



  1. Everyone needs a break..enjoy your summer! Your readers will be here when you come back!

  2. Hope everything is going smoothly! xoxo

  3. Good for you--everyone deserves a little break and it sounds like your summer is fun-filled! If you do have a sec though, be sure to stop by tomorrow morning to check out my giveaway and sale!

  4. We missed you - don't forget some "me time."

  5. Enjoy the summer! Sometimes we all need a break.