Friday, August 19, 2011

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes - My Collection

I have to apologize in advance for my pictures.  It is really bright in my office making picture taking quite difficult. 

After all this time blogging, y'all are going to start thinking I actually do cook!  I do cook, I'm just not a big fan of it and the mood usually has to strike me.  But I LOVE recipes.  I love reading them, clipping them, collecting them and sharing them. 

Just not cooking them (okay, well maybe I cook a few).

Actually, I'd just love someone to come into my house and cook the pre-selected and researched recipes I lay out for them. 

Oh, you mean like an in-house chef? 


Where am I going with this?

My recipe collection.  My MASSIVE recipe collection.

I clip from newspapers, blogs, magazines, friends, recipe swaps.  You name it, I clip it (as long as it sounds good).  And I have organized them by dish, with an index, in my recipe binder for 10 years now.  To date, I have collected over 600 recipes with those that I've tried highlighed in yellow (on the index) and those that have gotten the boot marked out and deleted from the index.

I am currently updating it so I can make a copy for my anxiously waiting sister-in-law.  Depending on how much it costs for me to copy this massive recipe binder, I just might have a blog giveaway.  It's a whole other cookbook without any themes (i.e. The Big Book of Beef, How to Cook Raw or Meat-N-Potatoes).  Nope, it's just plain ole recipes I thought sounded good over the years and have made the cut.

How do y'all organize your recipes?
(PS - I know you ALL are blowing up the pictures in your browsers to jot down all these recipes. How do I know?  I would do the same thing!)

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Do a giveaway! This is amazing and soooo useful!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah I a giveaway! I just have a bunch of recipe books but I really need to write down the ones I like so I don't go through them all the time!

  3. My recipe collection is pretty much a disaster. I have a recipe box and a ziploc baggie which stores them all. You have inspired me to organize! This will be my project for the next week. Promise. :)


  4. Can you believe I used to hold all my recipes in a manilla file folder and my daughter went out, bought a becutiful pink binder and page protectors, along with dividers and organized it all for me. It is a thing of beauty to be sure, but now I need a volume two.

  5. I took the same concept years ago from Real Simple (I think) and have filed away a few recipes but nearly as many as you... I find it's a great way to keep collected recipes organized.

  6. That is awesome! Mine are stuffed in a box or a big handwritten pile in a drawer in my kitchen :)

  7. I have two 3 inch binders like that. Though I gave up a long time ago with keeping an index. And I have a bunch of tiny ones in recipe box.

  8. Hi, I'm new here! I am the same way -- love to find and collect recipes, not so much with the cooking! Luckily, my husband cooks, and I do like to bake!

    Your binder is amazing! What a great idea! Mine are all just shoved willy-nilly into an old, ugly binder.

  9. You are correct! I can't wait to get my hands on these!! Your book is amazing! I certainly don't want you to have to be out any for me a copy though. Just do whatever is easiest on you. I think a gievaway would be great!

  10. this is awesome!! i *love* finding and trying new recipes. i have a whole hot mess of unorganized recipes...this binder looks great :-)