Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Tree: Featuring Front Gate Ornaments

Well, we did it!  After lots of shopping to coordinate the tree to our new ornaments from Frontgate (the Medici collection), our live Christmas tree is up and decorated!  (You may remember THIS post).  We've never had a real tree before and of course, we had to get the biggest we could find!  It's about 10-11 feet tall (so we needed a ladder) and it's 7 feet wide.  As Husband said after we finally got it up "Little full, lots of sap."  (From National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation).  I even freaked Lallie out a bit as I stood on the ladder shaking and yelling "SQUIRREL!!!"  She didn't like it too much.

Anyways, here are some pictures!  The ornaments are absolutely stunning (pictures don't do them justice) and plenty to cover the tree.  We will be enjoying these ornaments for years to come!  We purchased several sprays of leaves, flowers and berries in red and gold colors and I'm working on a big bow for the top of the tree, right underneath the tall wheat sprays.  

Yes, we relocated that ornament.  But Lallie LOVES helping to decorate and she was super careful in delicately handling them.  Her little PJ's say "Santa's Favorite" and she truly believes she is his favorite (and may have hurt a friend's feelings at school saying that....woops!  I explained that everyone is Santa's favorite because we can't forget that he works with Jesus and Jesus loves everyone too.  She got that and I hope told her friend that too!)
Husband's homemade self-watering tree contraption.  Apparently you can buy these for $100 but he made one using some plastic tubing and a small garbage can that I cleaned out for him.  Now we just fill the trash can and the tree waters itself.  I love having an engineer for a Husband.  :-)

I'll be sure to post more pictures once the bow is on and the rest of the house is decorated.

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. It really is pretty. Very classy!

  2. Gorgeous! Your taste is a lot like mine. Love the red and gold!

  3. Love the tree! You did a fabulous job on it. I really like the self watering contraption, it's a fabulous idea. We usually water our live trees with a mixture of equal parts water and ginger ale. They like the sugar content and will stay green right through to New Year's.

  4. Your tree is gorgeous! And I can't wait to watch Christmas Vacation this year... its an annual tradition at my house!

  5. Gorgeous tree! I love the smell of a real Christmas tree but too messy and difficult in my apartment. I got a fake one from Target this year