Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lallie, U.K. and the Clock

Husband inherited this clock from his maternal grandparents when they passed, several years ago, before we even moved to Florida.  We used to wind it daily but since we moved into our new house 3.5 years ago, it's been sitting, unwound on my bedroom dresser.  

A few weeks ago, Husband pulled it out, displayed it on the buffet in our formal living room, wound it and once again we heard the joyous ding-dongs of the clock.  It fondly reminds Husband of his Granny and Grandaddy.

Lallie loves it and Daddy was showing her how it worked this weekend.

U.K. thinks it's a doorbell.  So, every 30 minutes for the past few weeks (except at night thankfully!), he's barked and run to the door to see who's there.  

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 


  1. I love old clocks like that! My aunt has one in her house, and I love the dong it makes every hour. Whenever I hear that, it makes me think of her!

  2. do you have to wind it? i have SUCH HAPPY memories of being held up to wind the clocks first by my grandpa, then by my dad when I was a little girl! so special.

    1. Yes! We do have to wind it. It has a metal key that goes with it that thankfully, has never been lost. :-)

  3. I didn't know that clock still worked.....that clock is the reason I have a clock that chimes (Larry Dale, Adam and Jacob hate it!)

  4. We have one my grandfather made but I don't know the last time my parents wound it up.

  5. OOoooo I love pieces with family history. Sorry UK doesn't feel the same!