Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Decor (Yes, I said it....)

We have always been up north for Christmas.  For ten years we've traveled north to be with our families and we're usually gone from the end of school to after the New Year.  Last year was a small exception as we didn't leave until the day after Christmas.

Since we're never in town for Christmas, we've always been a little lacking on the Christmas decoration side.  We have tons of decor but they're the 85% mark down on the $2.00 garland at Wal-Mart during the after Christmas sale.  We have two trees.  One is skinny, tall  pre-lit tree given to us by my Mother-in-law when we moved to Florida and as of two years ago has a very bad lean  in the top section (we didn't even put it up last year).  The other tree we bought at an after Christmas sale at Target for $50 and opened it a year later to find that only half the lights worked.  We still have our cherished family heirloom ornaments and our handmade stockings (make by my mom) but the rest are eight year old chipped Wal-Mart brand glass ornaments and plastic balls that look like glass (which was a good thing when Lallie was little!).

Don't get me wrong, our house is always decked out and looks nice but it's not well put together (as in nothing matches) and a little chinsey.  We have a mixture of red, green, lime green, pink, blue and in he dining room we have a little gold and silver, with bright red on the stairways.  It's just all over the place! 

Well, this year, the whole family is coming to us for Christmas and we're even thinking about hosting a Christmas open house earlier in December (which means I've got to get on the ball!).  So Husband and I have decided to step it up and rather than spending a ton of money on a new plastic tree (yes, we would do our research and buy a decent tree that will last), we're going to get a fresh tree and go all out on ornaments and decor.  It's been decided to be one of our Christmas gifts to each other.  That might seem a little strange, to gift each other Christmas decor, but it's something we've always discussed and this year, we're biting the bullet!   

We've been looking around and found this setup at Frontgate and we are in LOVE with the ornaments and decor!  We'll still put up our half-lit tree (we just won't light it) with all our our traditional ornaments, but we'll put these on our fresh ten or twelve foot tree in our two story room.  We're going for a very traditional look with the golds and reds and I'm going to find some decently priced garland that hangs well (not the stiff wire kind) and try and make some new wreaths for the front doors.  I have some other ideas we've gathered from Pinterest as well.   

What do you think of this color scheme? I love it!

(All pictures from Frontgate).


  1. I love this!! The burgundy and gold are beautiful together!

  2. I love those traditional colors, that would make such a gorgeous tree. Maybe that's what I need to do on my second tree this year. xx

  3. Love, love, love! Red and gold are quite possibly my favourite Christmas combo! So pretty. I can't wait to see the finished product! What a great gift for you and hubby to give each other!

  4. I love that color scheme! Good idea to have two trees - this way, you will have a very prim, glamorous tree but also have your tree with the ornaments and decorations that have meaning to y'all. Can't wait for the holidays!!

  5. Oh I can't wait to see pictures! It's going to be stunning.