Thursday, November 29, 2012

Not Your Typical Review: Hana Hair Dryer

Ashleigh has been telling me for YEARS to stop buying cheap hair equipment (i.e. hair dryers, curlers, flat irons).  Did I listen?  Of course not.  This past Mother's Day, my cheap rear marched down to ULTA, with Ashleigh's coupons and bonus points (because, again...I'm cheap) and purchased my first Chi flat iron.  
It was love at first site.  First off, it's pink and second, it tames my crazy, frizzy, naturally curly, living in humid South Florida hair. 

So, did my experience with a more expensive flat iron save me from my cheap self in purchasing a decent hair dryer?  Again, absolutely not!   I have a cheap $30 hair dryer from Bed, Bath and Beyond (brand name unknown) that fries my hair and at some points, even has it smoking.  WHAT?  Smoking hair!  This canNOT be good (so says Husband when he says "ummmmm Jenn, your hair is on fire.")

Hey, it's pink!  That's a plus right?

Enter the lovely people at Misikko who apparently read my post from a while back about my burning hair, contacted me and said "Hey, would you like to do a review of our HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer?"  Hello, of course!  Please save me from my inability to take care of my hair in a proper form and show me how great a REAL hair dryer can be.

So, I've been using it for a couple weeks now and OH.MY.STARS, I really should have listened to Ashleigh a long time ago (she's like my sister, so why would I listen to her?)

First off, I received the white box from Misikko with a large PINK HANA sticker on the front.  A+ for color choice!

Then I opened the box to find not just a hair dryer, but all kinds of lovely little perks inside!  Gasp, presents!!! Yay!!  One of the pamphlets inside said specifically that this company loves to spoil women with fabulous products and freebies.  Certainly made me feel special and like I was opening a gift!  A++ for customer service!

Freebies included: Flat iron cover, rose bath petals, nail files and hand sanitizer (neatly wrapped in pink and white satin bags), eyelash curler (which is amazing by the way), teddy bear (Lallie has adopted him) and a hairbrush.

Just home from gymnastics, thus the sparkly pink leotard (surprised?) and the crazy hair!

But the main attraction was of course, the HANA Hair Dryer.  Nothing pretty to look at, a typical hair dryer, but boy was I excited to try it out!

And this thing is the absolute bomb (and has 100% 5 star reviews on their website)!
(I should note that I made no changes in any other hair products while using this dryer, for an accurate review).

No more smoking hair!  There are three heat settings and none of them are very hot at all really (compared to my burning hot former hair dryer).  The settings I would describe as lukewarm and keep my hair from becoming heat damaged (a major plus since I have curly hair that I straighten three to four times a week).  It doesn't kill the moisture in my hair but it does absolutely kill frizz!  

It also has two speed settings and wow what power!  2300 watts of it!  It nearly blew me away when I first used it!  You definitely need the concentrator for use with this dryer or you'll get nothing but "rat's nests" (what my mom called tangles when I was little and what Lallie calls them now).

Despite the cooler air, my hair dried about 5-8  minutes less than normal.  It usually takes 10 - 15 minutes to dry my hair, and it's pretty fine and thin.  I've been able to cut that time down to about 5 to 8 minutes and I'm not sweating like crazy during the process.  The dryer also has a cool blast which is quite refreshing when you just need a little touch up or cool bit of air. The only issue I've had with the dryer is the cool blast button is right where I hold the dryer, so I keep pushing it accidentally.

I love the ion technology.  No static, gorgeous shine (a noticeably different and brighter shine).  And since I shower at night, I love that I can touch up a couple little quirky wrinkles in the morning, straightening them out with the ion technology.

It has a concentrator attachment which I love because I can get a little closer to my hairbrush without catching my hair on fire.  It did not come with a diffuser and I"m not sure if you can get that attachment (as a girl with curly hair, a diffuser is important on the rare occasions I do wear it curly).

Other features include a swivel cord and so-called "gyroscopic balancing technology."  I think this has to do with dryer leveling as I do have to admit, this dryer is quite a bit heavier than my other dryers.  However, I've never had a great dryer, so maybe that is normal.  I haven't had any issues with this though.

One of my favorite features is the noise.  It is very quiet for a hair dryer which means I'm not waking the whole house early in the morning and I can have a conversation with my 5 year old who doesn't seem to understand that I can't hear her when my dryer is running.  A major plus in my book.

Cost?  It is expensive!  Normally $334.99, it is currently on sale for $194.99 and free shipping.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely.  They cost is worth the effort, so ladies...tell your men, moms, dads, significant others that you want THIS on your list for Christmas this year!

Happy Thursday Y'all! 


  1. Pretty sure this means you should always listen to Ashleigh ;-). Love you!

  2. I think good hair equipment makes a huge difference. I cannot believe you waited so long to get a Chi! They are the best for taming hair. I've used a Chi dryer for years and it recently broke, so I grabbed a cheaper one at Target. It actually works pretty well, but I need to invest in a better one. Thanks for the great review!

  3. I would LOVE, LOVE to have one of these. I think it would be so great for my hair!

  4. I use cheap hair equipment too, but I notice a huge difference when I borrow my friends' nicer products. This dryer is a little out of my college student price range right now, but I will have to remember Hana when I can finally afford it :) I have heard all great reviews about it!

  5. I am with you on buying cheaper hair items. Though I have never gone wrong with a Conair dryer. My flat iron is not wanting to get as warm lately so I haven't used it much. I know I need a new one but can't seem to break down and get one at all. I have heard great things about the Chi ones. Just can't decide.