Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here are the pictures from our weekend trip to my parents house they rented for a few weeks in St. George Island, Florida / Apalachicola (about an hour southwest of Tallahasee).

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At Papa Joe's Oyster Bar

Grandpa and Hollon walking out to the bay on the private dock from the house.

Fishing during Hollon's nap. Didn't catch anything, but it was still much fun!

I made Stuart bate the shrimp for me!

Stuart's first oyster ever! He's been ragging on my dad and I for years about how we're eating the entire body of a bottom feeder. He realizes now that he has been missing out!!

Papa Joe's famous oysters with butter and parmesean! YUMMMM!!!

Stuart, after eating his first oyster. He LOVES THEM!!!

Thank GOODNESS this picture is fuzzy. You would be scared to see me in a bikini. Most people had to hide their eyes because of the bright shimmer coming off my pale white body :-)

Hollon loved the beach, but was afraid of the water. She had so much fun chasing the birds down the beach....and Stuart and I became exhausted chasing after her!

Grandma and Hollon heading out the dock to the bay to look at the fish and oysters. That's the house behind them. It was so nice and peaceful, surrounded by trees. We couldn't hear anything and the huge porch was completely screened, so we spent most of our time out there.

Sitting on the dock of the bay!

The other great place to eat oysters - That Place on 98. In fact, that is pratically all they serve!
I will post some other pictures tomorrow from our trip. Some are on my other camera.


  1. Girl, you look too good in that bikini. I will try my best not to hate you.
    What a fun trip!

  2. Great pictures! I love those oysters with parm & butter! Yum-o!

    I'm enjoying catching up on your blog. Hollon is so cute & I think we know people from Stuart, FL.