Friday, May 15, 2009

The Sandbar

I am soooo addicted to this blogging thing...I keep surfing , finding new things that I absolutely adore, new blogs that I can't stop reading and I find myself wanting to become not only a blogger about my #1 things in life (i.e. God and family), but also of all things fun, crafty and well....just plain fun! When we move into our new house, I'm hoping to have my own craft area and then I can pull all my fun crafty things out and show you what I'm up to. I'm adding an embroidery machine to my wish list.

I'm trying to think of something to do with Hollon and Stuart this weekend. We so enjoyed the beach in Apalachicola so maybe we'll take the boat out, that is if it still runs! It's been almose a year since we've been out. Stuart - if you're reading this, that's your task for tonight! You're off the hook from parenting duties if you can handle this! :-)

So, I hope the weather holds up and we are able to make it out to the hang-out that ony us locals know about. It's better known as "The Sandbar" to us Martin County residents and it's this huge bar that is exposed for the better part of the day, in the middle of the gorgeous intercoastal waterway, just before exiting out to the ocean. The boat ride to it is gorgeous as with the wind in your hair, a smile on your face, the sun basking down. The neat part is we get to motor slowly past no wake zone all the absolutely huge mansions that the "northern rich" use as vacation homes. In the summer, they aren't used much, so hurricane shutters cover the windows, but that doesn't stop us from gauking at Mr. Walgreen's house....yep, that's right, Mr. Walgreen himself (you know, the pharmacy?) I think we pass Wayne Heizinga's house too. He has his own helicopter pad. I've always wanted to go for a helicopter ride. I had a chance to when I worked for Greg Norman, but THAT is a whole other entry!

The picture above is of Stuart, the historic downtown section with absolutely fabulous shopping, I might add! We live all the way at the top of the photo just across the Palm City bridge, if you can see it. We circle around this section of the river and then....

.....we go underneath the Roosevelt Bridge just north of downtown Stuart. Below is another view of the north section of the bridge.

At the bar, everyone beaches their boats and brings a grill, volleyball nets, loads of food and the kids and dogs run wild (where else can they go, you'd have to swim to get anywhere else!) And we just have a great ole family time with people young, old and in between. I'll be sure to take pictures if we go. I can't find any good ones in my archives.

So, that's our vacation spot, right in our own back yard. Jealous???? Then come visit us! We love visitors.

Later ya'll!

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