Monday, May 4, 2009

Our weekend 5.4.09

Here are some pictures from our weekend. Last night, our good friends, Mike and Rachel and their kids, Aidan and Lauren, came over for dinner. Hollon (a/k/a "Lallie") and Aidan had a great time. And, Hollon is now saying Aidan's name, quite clearly too!

Aidan and Hollon had a great time riding down the hill in our driveway on the ATV and Radio Flyer turtle. Hollon says "veeeeeee!"

The toy stroller was a christmas present from Aidan, Mike and Rachel. Both Hollon and Aidan love to play with it and after a few little spats over who got to push the stoller, they finally compromised. Hollon sat in it (yes, she's that little!) and Aidan pushed her around.

Earlier in the day, Stuart and I were in the kitchen and we heard this clink, clink sound. We looked over and Hollon had grabbed my wallet out of my purse, opened up the change part and as playing with the change.

A few minutes later, she put all the change back into the wallet and zipped it back up.

Hollon was trying so hard in this next picture not to laugh.

Here, she clearly coudn't resist laughing!

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