Thursday, May 21, 2009

It has been raining for days, not that I'm complaining as we desperately needed the rain! It hasn't rained in months and the poor plants and grass all over Florida are starting to look quite shabby. Irrigation doesn't help due to the strict South Florida Water Management District rules, but that's another rant and rave.

So, the reason there haven't been any picture updates, is because we haven't been taking our daily outside play-time each evening, it's been too rainy and that's usually when I get the best pictures! In addition, we've been busy with our realtor and paperwork trying to get everything completed for our home sale and our new home purchase.

Until then, bear with me, I'll get some new pictures up soon, and try to think of something new and interesting to talk about.

Oh - and everyone has been asking how the packing is going. It's coming....sort of. Actually, I've packed a few things that we won't use between now and closing (i.e. guest linens that desperately need washing when we get to the new house, we have 150 towels!, pillows, books). But, I think we're going to stop for now. We don't want to jinx anything. You know, pack the whole house to find out something went wrong. We truly don't believe anything will, as everything has just fallen into place this time around, but you never know. We have put everything in God's hands and what happens, happens, though we truly feel and believe that this is the path meant for us. So, we'll keep trudging along and just keep praying and hope you do too!

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