Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puppy - Mother's Day 5.16.09

Our neighbor's brought over their new puppy, Molly, today for Hollon to see. Hollon immediately fell in love and would NOT let go of this sweet little puppy for anything! They took it for a wagon ride.

And then, she decided to carry the puppy all around the house and yard. It was so cute - I want a puppy now, a teeny tiny one - not like U.K., our golden retriever, but a tiny little dog that will curl up in my lap at night while I'm reading a good book. But Stuart won't let us have one. He was working on the house at the time and couldn't see Hollon with this adorable puppy, or his heart would have melted too (and then I'd have my puppy)!

Now, I'm playing a little catch up here, and this is mostly for granny Trent and grandma Dierolf. Hollon painted flower pots for them for Mother's Day! She had so much fun.

And now for the finished product!

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