Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog Stalker

I have successfully become addicted to blogging, rather blog stalking. I haven't quite mastered the art of blogging myself quite yet; I'll get there...maybe. Mostly, it's pictures of Hollon for the family to enjoy, which is the main purpose here. However, since entering the blogosphere, I have become captivated by all my fellow bloggers on the world wide web devoted to shopping, boutiqueing, antiquing, christianity, crafting, my old kentucky home, working moms, lunatic moms (a/k/a me), preppy, pink, baby, remodeling....the list goes on and on and on! I will soon be updating my blog to show all the websites I am currently stalking, which have come from other blogs I'm stalking, which came from those blogs. There are millions of them and I am so looking forward to surfing the web for those in which I'll become a follower.

Alas, I finally have a reason to use the old laptop that's been sitting unused underneath our coffee table for months! So, when baby is tucked all snug in her bed and while Stuart camps out in his recliner with his laptop in place, actively surfing the net, I can finally do the same....and understand what and why it is so much fun. (Yes honey, that's right, I just may stop nagging you to get off the computer!) The only downside to this....did you notice the first thing on my list up top? Yeah, I think this new little habit of mine might just cost us a little more money because of all the cool new chic little boutiquey type websites I'm finding!

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